Moon in Aries

Aries Key Phrase: Go Quickly

Do you feel that little bit of irritation or a “come on, let’s get on with it!” vibe in the air? There’s an excitement, an intensity that comes with this Moon. Tempers can be short, but the period of anger is short, too. If you’re rushing, remember to keep the pace to a manageable one. Track these days for careless injuries: you cut your finger chopping veggies, bump into things and bruise yourself, or snap at people. The Aries Moon will help you accomplish things quickly.


Energetic, Spontaneous, Pushy, Dominant, Courageous, Passionate

Good Aries Tricks

The head and face are Aries’ body parts, so these are good days for facials. Use masks made for exfoliation and purification during the waning phase and moisturizing facials during the waxing phase.

Don’t use tools to make extractions during your facial, though. Save that for another day. There’s an old saying when it comes to cutting and the Moon — touch not with iron. That means you don’t cut the parts of the body associated with that day’s Moon sign.

It’s a good time to purchase eyeglasses and hats.

How are your knives holding up? Aries is a good time for sharpening knives and garden tools of all kinds and/or purchasing new ones.

Aries days were made for activity, but don’t be limited by physical activity. The brain is Aries’ organ. Working puzzles, memorizing a poem or speech, or anything that’s intended to keep your brain sharp and focused are fantastic activities, too.