Listen In: Aries 2023

Listen to me blab on about Aries season this year. It’s my first recording, so please…be kind. You can read about Aries Season 2023 in my blog post, Sun in Aries: March 20-April 20, 2023.

The first audio file gives a general overview of Aries and Mars, with a little mythology thrown in.

In the second part, I talk about astrological events during Aries, the New Moon in Aries, and the Full Moon in Libra. Don’t know your time zone? Check it with Here are my moon phase cards for the Aries lunation.

Save the Date Kit: Aries and Libra


The Save the Date Kit is a lovely way to keep track of the Aries New and Libra Full Moon dates. Simply print, cut out, and stuff them in your diary/journal or place them in a prominent spot. Two 8.5 x 11″ sheets are included in this PDF file: one for the New Moon in Aries and one for the Full Moon in Libra.

Correspondences for each sign take the form of a vintage postcard. Each Save the Date sheet also includes a special insert to write down your Moon wishes.

Create a pocket by folding the graphic in half and tuck in all kinds of things that you want to remember. And don’t forget to tuck your Wish List in there, too!

Crafters’ delight! Add ribbon, lace, sewing stitches, or bling to the moon and back to give it your own creative touch.