Leo 2020: Tarot Timings

Tarot Timings are based on the Sun’s transit through the three decans of each sign of the zodiac.

Decans are ten degree divisions of the zodiac signs. The first decan is always associated with the sign. The second decan is associated with the sign plus the next sign of the same element. The third decan is associated with the following sign of the same element.

Each zodiac sign has a Major Arcana card and three minor cards associated with it. Additionally, each of the four cardinal points of the year and their associated signs are represented by the Ace. Associations of the Court Cards vary widely and I have chosen not to elaborate on them here.

The Sun, Leo’s ruling planet, begins its transit through Leo on July 22nd, staying until August 22nd. The cards associated with Leo and the Sun are the Strength card (Leo) and The Sun.

The varying qualities of the three decans can help explain why all Cancers, Leos, Geminis, etc., are not alike (along with other reasons found in the birth chart). This is just the beginning of understanding the differences in basic variances of the sun signs.

A brief explanation of the Sun’s transit is given for each of the decans.

0-10 Leo
July 22-August 1

11-20 Leo
August 1-12

21-30 Leo
August 12-21

The first decan of a sign always carries the purest energy of the sign, with the first two and a half degrees the strongest of all.

This pure Leo energy is majestic, proud, and can be quite dramatic. Unless life has handed this Leo some shattering blows, this decan is quite self-assured.

This is the decan of bosses and “my way or the highway.” Behind every threat is a tender babe needing love and a little attention.

The second decan of Leo is all things the first decan Leo is, but it is also colored with some qualities of Sagittarius.

We can see Sagittarius’ wisdom in the person of our proud hero. (And an interesting tidbit is that Sagittarius is associated with parades and horses.)

This decan is the most likely to be highly opinionated, but also the most joyful and fair-minded.

These are the Leos who need to roam, to conquer something new and bring the riches home to those in their care.

The Sun is in this decan during the Full Moon in Aquarius this year. The card representing the opposite decan at this Full Moon is the 6 of Swords.

The third decan of Leo adds Aries traits. Speed, intensity, and leadership are intensified. We can see Aries’ speed expressed as our hero only having on one shoe. No time for two!

Jumping into the fray requires either courage or bravery and I’m pretty sure it’s both for this decan of Leo.

What’s the difference between bravery and courage? I think it’s that people who are brave are able face adversity head-on, even when they’re afraid. It’s not the fear that drives them. It’s conquering the problem.

Courage shows up when we don’t think about consequences. We just do the right thing when required to help ourselves or others. This would be a good theme to consider for the New Moon in Leo, as Leo is associated with both courage and bravery.

The New Moon occurs in this decan on August 18 at 25 Leo.