Late Degree New Moons

How do we handle late degree New Moons, especially those occurring at 29°?

We have to remember that the Sun and Moon represent different behaviors. The Sun is what we do. The Moon is what we feel ~  our emotional response, our happy factor.

I’ll use a New Moon in Pisces as an example.

If a New Moon occurs at 29.54°Pisces (the Pisces lunation) in your 2nd house, you’ll be dealing with 2nd house issues for the four weeks of the lunation period, even as the Moon moves through each of the 12 signs and the other 11 houses of your chart.

Because both the Sun and the Moon share the same degree at the New Moon, they draw focused attention to this part of your chart. They’re a Pisces couple for a brief, though highly influential moment. Because of this intense focus, you’re most likely to deal with highlighted issues in a Piscean manner: confused, misunderstood, gullible, compassionate, idealistic, escapist.

When the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries ~ but remains in your 2nd house ~ it will continue to throw a light on those 2nd house issues. When the Sun moves out of your 2nd house and into your 3rd, 3rd house issues will become prominent.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of Pisces (the Pisces lunation) remains focused on 2nd house issues until the New Moon in Aries.

With the New Moon in Pisces, both the Sun and Moon will behave in a Piscean manner. Then the happy couple splits up. The Sun becomes Arian, but the lunation is still Piscean. You may believe that the New Moon at 29.54° Pisces “feels” like a New Moon in Aries when, in actuality, you are feeling the rays of the Aries Sun.

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