Design a New Moon Ritual for Cancer

It’s easy to design a New Moon ritual and it will bring you lots of personal meaning. Your ritual can be as simple as burning a candle while you write down your intention or just sitting in your favorite spot to write it.

Your ritual can also be elaborate. The use of candles, essential oils, incense, crystals, tarot cards, runes, or pendulums could be your personal way of connecting to the energy of the New Moon. Saging your space beforehand clears the air of negativity and brings in positive vibes.

Rituals are comforting habits and I strongly encourage you to create some of your own. I have a very simple ritual of knocking three times on my deck of tarot cards before cutting them. It’s comforting and centering. Make your New Moon ritual personal and, most importantly, believe.Design your ritual before the New Moon then gather your materials, center yourself, and begin.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Candles and Colors

Use candles in the colors of  Cancer ~ silver, sea green, pastels, or pale gray. You can always use a white or black candle for the New Moon if you don’t have the “right” color. It doesn’t have to a big candle, either. I’ve used Chanukah candles and even birthday candles for quick rituals. Dress the candles with your favorite essential oil or use Jasmine oil, associated with Cancer.

Gems and Crystals

Pearls are the birthstone of June, perfect for every Moonchild. Rubies are the birthstone of July, representing the life-giving blood of the mother. Wearing or carrying these jewels throughout the lunation is a fabulous reminder of your New Moon intentions. A favorite stone for Cancer is, of course, the Moonstone. Moonstones come in a wide variety, everything from the soft pale white stone to the iridescent moonstone. All of them are associated with the changing colors and face of our Lady Luna.Selenite is a lustrous white stone. It is very soft and shouldn’t be allowed to get wet. Selenite is believed to strengthen the memory making it an excellent stone for Cancer. It’s also excellent for placing near your bed to help with sleep. Large selenite wands are fairy inexpensive. Try wafting them around you just before sleep to clear the air and reduce negativity or stress.


Among the many Cancer flowers are those that bloom in June and July. White flowers and night blooming flowers have a special affinity with Cancer. If you’ve ever sat outside on a beautiful moonlight night with the scent of Jasmine in the air, you will never forget it.

Food and Drink

It’s good to ground yourself with a bit of something to eat and drink before or during your ritual.

Cancer is one of two signs associated with comfort foods, the other being Taurus. Fresh cookies and a glass of milk are a sweet indulgence. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are a classic. Mashed potatoes and french fries are always a hit on comfort food lists. A home cooked meal delights the Cancer Moon, nurturing both body and soul.


The Ace of Cups is associated with all water signs, but has a special significance with Cancer and the Summer Solstice. The 2, 3, and 4 of Cups are the Minor arcana cards of Cancer. The Chariot represents the sign and The High Priestess represents the Moon. You can choose any of the Cups court cards to represent Cancer or devise a system for using them. I associate Kings with the Cardinal signs, Queens with the Fixed signs, and Knights with the Mutable signs. If the King doesn’t work for you, pick any card you like. The tarot is an interpretative tool, so go with what feels right for you.

Display one or more of these cards on your table while writing down your New Moon dreams. 

Which is Better, Simple or Elaborate?

Neither. The best ritual is the one that you enjoy and feel comfortable performing.

Happy New Moon, and happy designing!