ASTRO PUZZLES: Search the Stars and the Zodiac


ASTROLOGY IS A LANGUAGE AND A PUZZLE so it seemed appropriate to make this language available in the form of the most popular kind of word puzzles loved by Aries, Pisces, and all the signs in between.

Search the stars, the planets, and the zodiac for the answers to these astrology word search puzzles. If you’re new to astrology, you’ll learn lots of keywords for the signs and planets and maybe a little astrology, too. If you’re already familiar with astrology, you might find some new words or phrases to enhance your knowledge.

Included are 24 puzzles about the signs and 10 planet puzzles. Other topics are covered, too, like Moon Phases and Full Moon Names, Astrology Basics, Aspects, Classical Astrology, and even tarot/astrology.

a total of 44 astro-themed Puzzles!

There are regular word search puzzles and word search puzzles with clues and hidden phrases. There are even puzzles using astrological glyphs—those little squiggly things that give astrologers so much information!

Puzzles range from easy to difficult, with most being in the medium range. Each puzzle’s solution is on its following page.

Have fun as you search the zodiac!

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