Almanacs & Ephemerides Online


Current Moon Phase Calendar:

Sandra and David Mosely have a current moon phase calendar available at Zodiac Arts. The calendar also tells you which planets move into the sign that month, explanations of the eight phases, and “hand shake days” that are the signal of good days for business.


The original, the one and only, The Old Farmers Almanac:

A link to the best days at Farmers Almanac (not The Old Farmers Alamanac):

A nice listing of monthly sky data from Stardate. org:

If you’d like to read a bit about almanac history, visit Deborah Houlding’s site, Skyscript, for a fun article by Derek Parker, The Rise and Fall of the Astrological Almanac.


An ephemeris is a listing of planetary placements. Great for gardeners.

The Swiss ephemeris from in pdf files for download:

A listing of Moon phases for 1200-2399 from Serennu Astrology:

If you’re looking for Vesta, Chiron, Ceres, Juno, and other asteroids, positions of centaurs, TNOs, Uranian points and classical planets Serennu has those, too:

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