Virgo New Moon, 2021

The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 14 degrees this evening, September 6, 8:52pm ET. The New phase lasts until the morning of September 10. This gives us several days to make our New Moon intentions if we’ve not yet made them or are stumped to focus on something in particular. If you need some ideas, some of the themes for the Virgo New Moon are precision, daily routines, health, cleanliness, service, and attentiveness. The area of your life that is in focus–your home, career, education, networking, etc.–is indicated by the house of your chart in which the New Moon occurs.

Tapping into the lunar energy allows us to go with the flow, especially when facing roadblocks or snags along the way. It doesn’t mean that we won’t encounter roadblocks or snags, but we may be able to maneuver them more easily. Astrology offers us a helping hand if we let that hand guide us instead of pulling away.