Venus in Cancer, June 2021

Venus will be in Cancer June 2-27, 2021. She’s very happy in Cancer, sharing all that love and nurturing with family and/or her extended tribe. She’s a little bit earthy, a little bit divine in this sensitive, protective sign. She starts her stay paired up with Mars, her lover. Her presence next to him should soften him up a bit, for a few days anyway. This pair in Cancer remind me of that old, out-of-date expression, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It may still work, because…hey! Who doesn’t like a delicious meal?

Venus trines Jupiter in Pisces on the 3rd, adding some sweetness to a tough cosmic landscape. On the 13th she sextiles mix-it-up Uranus. Why not give it a go if it’s not too crazy? On the 21st, she makes a lovely connection with Neptune in Pisces. This aspect could be truly divine, as in feeling at peace with the world and at one with the universe.

She’s in a happy, supportive relationship with the Moon in Taurus on the 6th, the Sun in Cancer on the 12th, Moon in Virgo on the 17th, and Moon in Scorpio on the 21st.

She moves into Leo on June 27th. Get ready. That’s Diva Time. ❤