Moon Days Calendars for 2019

Our Moon Days are the days each month when the Moon is in the same zodiac sign it was in when we were born. These are days when we are most likely to feel at ease in our own skin. I always know when mine are coming. I keep a detailed lunar calendar and it’s a snap to know exactly when they are.

You may not have a need for a full lunar calendar because that’s just TMI for you personally.

But knowing your personal Moon Days can make life a lot easier. Moon Days help us connect with our heart and give us an indication of things we will want to do on those days. (I have a Taurus Moon in the 4th house and have made a pledge never to travel when the Moon is in Taurus. I want to be at home. Period.)

Knowing your significant other’s Moon Days or your boss’s or whomever’s Moon Days might be just as helpful as knowing your own. I have a little story to illustrate that point further down in this post.) Tune in to your Moon Days. Work with the Moon. She’s a fantastic guide.

You could book an astrologer to give you that info,
but you couldn’t book one for $4.00.
That’s how much these calendars cost.

The calendars are in 8.5×11″ pdf format for you to print. Keep it on your desktop, upload it to your phone, print it and keep it wherever. It makes a great addition to your journal or BOS.

Never be on the dark side of the Moon again. Know exactly where you stand. 🙂

You can find them on my ETSY store here.

Don’t know your Moon sign? (Calculate your chart for free on

Know your Moon sign already? Here’s a link to each zodiac sign:

Husband Convinced! Moon Days are real.
When I was a care-giver for my mom who had Parkinson’s, I marked all the days the Moon was in Gemini (her natal Moon sign) on a calendar for my husband. Those are days when she had to make phone call after phone call regarding matters where detail was important. Her behavior was absolutely predictable. With her weakened voice, no one could understand her on the other end of the line. My husband, who worked at home,  was often the one who had to intervene because I had a job outside the home until I started caring for her full time. Since he was prepared for her Gemini Moon Days behavior, he was able to help her without becoming as frustrated or distraught. Knowing her Moon days helped him help her. That one little thing—knowing her Moon days—made him a believer in the information that astrology can give us.
It’s very helpful to know which house your natal Moon is in. The type of activities associated with that house are what you’ll be drawn to on your Moon days. You can find activities for all the signs on this free download. A copy of this download is automatically included with the purchase of a calendar.


2 thoughts on “Moon Days Calendars for 2019

  1. Those are the types of things that are likely to come up when the Moon travels through the 12th house for anyone. It just happens to be the house that your Virgo Moon is in if I read your comment correctly. When the Moon is in my 12th, I usually like to hide away. It’s kind of like a rest period before the active 1st house. I remember a Full Moon in my 12th where I spent the entire day at the hospital emergency room with my mother-in-law. It’s not so much as we pick something as that something 12th-house related comes up. For me personally, I like to know that during Capricorn Moon days (my 12th house), I like to lay low and take it easy. When there is a New or a Full Moon in Virgo, there could be a stronger influence on 12th house issues for you. For me, that would be when the Moon was in Capricorn. Make sense?

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