New Moon in Leo ~ July 23, 2017

Imagine that you are six years old and one of your antique relatives pulls you in close and asks, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Leo asks the same question.

As the sign of children, Leo has the wonderful ability to let us indulge our inner child. The Lion insists that we play and have some fun. A good time should be had by all. And we should do this by starring in our own show. It’s a biography, of course. The role of a lifetime.

Now that you’re all grown up, do you still want to be the same thing that you did when you were six? Are you working on becoming that now? Have you opted out and chosen something different? And in the long run, does it matter, as long as you’re having fun, are loving and have love in your life, and are proud of your performance so far?

This is the first of two Leo Lunations in 2017 that let us explore all things Leo. They are very different beasts, each with their own surprises and challenges.

This is a baby New Moon taking place at 00Leo. Along with her consort, the Sun, the Moon forms a triple conjunction with Mars, currently at 1 Leo. That’s a feisty combination loading us with lots of energy to make major headway throughout this lunation. The Moon remains in Leo until July 25th, 6:34pm EDT.

The New Phase, the time when we are weighing our options and planting our New Moon seeds, lasts through midday of the 26th.

While it’s best to write out your New Moon Dreams and do any New Moon meditations or rituals on the day of the New Moon, you can make use of the entire New Phase. Do aim to do it before the Moon moves into Virgo on the 25th, even though the phase is still New.

Need Help with the Leo Lunation?

What possibilities does the New Moon hold for you? What do you want to happen? Can you make it happen?

I think you can.

But there’s a hitch. It takes daily diligence and commitment.

It’s easy to set intentions at the New Moon. But it’s not always so easy to see them through to the end. By using daily intentions, you stand a far better chance of seeing some solid results by the Full Moon.

If you make New Moon wishes or set intentions for every lunation only to see them drift away or be forgotten, working with Daily Intentions can help you stick to your plan, accomplish your goals, and realize your dream.

By using the method outlined in the New Moon Dreams workbook, you can easily set daily intentions and make daily progress toward realizing your New Moon goals.

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See some sample pages and the contents of the 44-page workbook here.

Special to the Leo Lunation

  • Leo, the Lion (At Home, Work, Love, in the Garden, New and Full Moon summaries)
  • Leo Style ~ Little Black Dress
  • Leo Lunation Moon Phases
  • Tools for the Leo Journey (people, places, things, and more)
  • Ideas for Your Leo New Moon Ritual: Candle, Gems and Crystals, Flowers, Food and Drink
  • Tarot of Leo
  • Victory and Leadership ~ The 6 of Wands
  • The Sun
  • The Role of a Lifetime
  • Full Moon in Aquarius: Aquarius Moon Water, Ideas for Full Moon Ritual, the Tarot Star
  • Lunar Eclipse Essay








2 thoughts on “New Moon in Leo ~ July 23, 2017

  1. I am not convinced the little black dress belongs to the leo wardrobe? The little black dress could possibly belong to the capricorn or scorpio wardrobe? Just sayin!

    1. The LBD is so versatile and comes in so many styles that we could find one that suited every sign. I chose to include it with the Leo workbook because the sleek LBD is very “feline” and the designer, Coco Chanel, was a Leo.

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