Full Moon in Pisces ~ Touch the Moon

Full Moons are sirens. They float above us in the night sky, calling us with the irresistible hymn of dreams that might be. Some of them are bright and breathtaking Moons, supersized. Others, perhaps a bit more distant, emit a soft halo. Some tease us, only briefly appearing from behind clouds. Others are found falling across window sills or slipping past skylights. This heavenly lantern hypnotizes us into imagining all kinds of possibilities for our future, leading us toward paths that have yet to find a starting place, assuring us that these dreams are, indeed, within our reach.

fullThere’s no Full Moon that tugs at my heart the way the Pisces Full Moon does. Maybe I fall too quickly under her spell, hoping for just a glimmer of magic to make everyday life just a tad more interesting. Maybe I wish too intently for a glimpse behind her gossamer, star-tinged drape.  Perhaps this is the Moon that reminds me most of the dreams that drifted past when I briefly turned away. Gone forever now, dissolved into yesterday.

Dreams are all too often swept clean by routine, work-a-day life. We lose them. Or we let them go, not quite knowing what to do with them anymore. Closeted and unused, they lie just beyond our reach, beyond our touch.

It’s Virgo who has the ability to give substance to our dreams, make them real. We must trade gossamer for stone, occasionally cleaning our hands on the delicate fabric Pisces has woven. We work, we dream. We embrace chaos and elicit order. Stacking one stone atop another, we move closer to the dream. Working tirelessly, listening for the siren’s call, we build our cairn of dreams and, if diligent and unbroken, standing atop our life’s work, we are ~ one day ~ able to touch the Moon.

3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Pisces ~ Touch the Moon

  1. At her zenith in just over 6 hours and will be conjunct Neptune. That has to be strong, especially as it is in the native house of Neptune. Happening in the 9th house for me. Not entirely sure where that fits with what is going on with my life right now. Overseas travel is not on the radar at all…

    Yesterday (Friday) I made a rare connection that was a bit unexpected and felt like it fit in a good sense of things. I like what you say about dreams and dreaming as it is a big part of my work right now. Possibly part of my career change too.

    Mitakuye Oyasin and love to all.

    1. The 9th is so much more than travel. Luna will reveal exactly what you need to know and help you fill the empty spaces. Just keep stacking stones and dreaming, Coyote.

  2. About 3 and a half hours… Got one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films on. The cat has my chair so I write this standing up. Very difficult to explain to the cat that she is just a cat.

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