Moon Water for the Cancer Full Moon

I love making Moon Water. It’s a simple thing, and I have so many memories come flooding back when I see the small jars of water I’ve collected. The jars of water don’t have to just sit around collecting dust, though.

To make Moon Water, set a covered bowl or jar of water outside on the night of the Full Moon. Bring it in early the next morning. If you can’t set the water outside, place the container on a windowsill that allows moonlight to come in.

There are lots of things you can do with your Moon Water. Here are a few ideas that work well for the Cancer Moon.

Make a jar of stardust. This is a good project to do with a child to celebrate the Moon and make a “snow globe.” Add some glitter to a small jar, and decorate the container with things that remind you of the zodiac sign, Cancer. You can add small shells and little plastic fish to the water, a drop of blue food coloring, or even a little bit of sand to represent the beach.

Rippling waters blue night water outdoors stars reflection gifMother’s milk. Add a little white paint to the water and decorate the outside of your jar with photos and trinkets that represent the project you want to nurture or the qualities you want to develop in yourself. Write the qualities directly on the jar or on some decorative ribbons. If you’re a caretaker, you could decorate your jar with pictures and birth dates of people (or animals) that are under your care.

Make a simple syrup. Simple syrup is sugar and water boiled down to a syrup consistency. If you decide to make a simple syrup, be sure to use a very clean jar with a tight-fitting lid in which to charge your Moon water. Do not add the sugar to the water until you are ready to make the syrup. If you’ve made lavender or rose sugar, consider using it to make your simple syrup.

There are tons of things you can do with simple syrup: use it in cocktails, moisten layer cakes, dress a fruit salad, candy citrus fruits. Recipes vary, depending on how thick you want the syrup to be. I love the ideas in this article from the Food Cheat Sheet.

Room Spray. Add jasmine essential oil to to your Moon Water and place it in a spritzer bottle to make a warm and romantic room spray.

Food and Beverages. You can always drink your Moon Water just as it is or use it to make a cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, or anything else that’s a mix. If you’re a Scotch fan, it makes for a fine scotch and water. Use the water to make gravy mixes, cakes, jell-o, or any other recipe calling for water. The ideas are endless. If you decide to use your Moon Water in cooking, be sure to collect it in a sterile jar with a tightly fitting lid.  You might like to get a gallon of spring water to charge under the moonlight and dedicate it to cooking. It’s trendy now to start your day with a glass of lemon water. What’s better for this morning ritual than a little Moon Water with a slice of fresh lemon?

Facial Toner. Use your Moon Water to make your very own facial toner. Search for a homemade or all natural toner recipe for your skin type. There are hundreds of recipes available online.

Water seedlings. Doesn’t Cancer Moon Water sound wonderful for watering your seedlings to plant this spring? Imagine their first watering coming from this Mother Moon. (Save the water for later because it’s best not to plant at the Full Moon.)

I bet you can think of lots of ways to use Cancer Full Moon Water.  If you have a good one, I’d love to hear it.

Bright Moon Blessings!