New Moon in Sagittarius

We have a New Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, November 22nd. The thing I love about Sagittarius is its enthusiastic vision. Jupiter endows Sagittarius with joyful expectation, a sure hope ~ perhaps faith ~ that no matter how dire things seem in the moment, they will get better one day. Prone to a bit of exaggeration, Sagittarius can overextend its natural hopefulness into a sort of rose-colored glasses optimism.

Frankly, I’m fine with that.

It feels good to believe that things will get better. I like living in that hope-filled world. Without hope, where are we really?

The New Moon in Sagittarius gives us a full lunar month to examine the house that the New Moon occurs in, and what that means for us in the grand scheme of things ~ the big picture. It also lets us devise some ways to make the issues of that house a little bit better.

The New Moon in Sagittarius in the Houses

moon and archer
I Seek

We can use Sagittarius’ motto ~ I Seek ~ to find an intention for the New Moon. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter adds a lot of enthusiasm to most anything it touches, so keep those intentions as joyful as possible. (Save the serious stuff for the New Moon in Capricorn.)

1st House ~ I seek visibility, presence, vitality, magnetism.

2nd House ~ I seek material security, financial increase, a solid foundation, comfort, abundance.

3rd House ~  I seek social interaction, expression, understanding, adaptability.

4th House ~ I seek emotional security, loving connections, ancestral tradition, my tribe or family.

5th House ~ I seek creative expression, lighthearted play, childlike eyes, loyal connections.

6th House ~ I seek the right work for me, physical health, plant allies, guardianship of forsaken animals, service to heal others.

7th House ~ I seek committed partnership, supportive relationships, honest exchange, unity.

8th House ~ I seek transformation, trust, wise investment, release of indebtedness.

9th House ~ I seek the future, religious foundation, philosophy, personal freedoms, an expanded mind. (This is the natural home of Sagittarius. If your natal Moon is in this house, travel, education, and living in the moment comfort you.)

10th House ~ I seek acknowledgement, influence, responsibility, powerful connections.

11th House ~ I seek a social network, acceptance, community, vision, a dream or goal.

12th House ~ I seek spiritual connection, seclusion or retreat, healing, kindheartedness.

Write your intentions down so that you can refer to them in the coming lunar month.  Light a candle to represent the fire of Sagittarius while you write, and dab a little rosemary or clove essential oil on the candle. This scented candle is an aid to focus your intentions. Wear something purple or dark blue on the day of the New Moon, and joyfully anticipate what you’ll manifest this month.

Download the December lunar calendar.