Five Tips to Salvage New Moon Intentions

We all hope to see some payoff from our New Moon intentions by the Full Moon. But what if you’re still struggling to get started with your New Moon intentions? Is all hope lost?

I admit that I’m struggling with this, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not alone. If you’re like me, you don’t want to toss your  intentions aside and get stuck with feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and failure. That feels lousy. So how do we get back on track? I went to Capricorn for some good, solid, practical tips to beef up commitment and salvage something for the coming Full Moon.

I prepared this pep talk for myself, but there may be a few of you who can benefit from it, too. I’m Cancer, btw, and very familiar with the Cancer fail due to moodiness, so I’m not just picking on Cancer in the pep talk that follows. This is how I, as a Cancer, almost always fail at achieving my goals. Fire signs may do it by finding something more interesting. Earth signs may decide it’s no longer practical. Air signs might decide it doesn’t make any sense any more, and water signs may hurt their own feelings so badly that they can’t continue. We’ve all got something.

Capricorn pulls me into a chair, face to face with each other, and lays it out for me. The Goat looks me squarely in the eye and says,

Here are five things you absolutely have to do.

Get Serious

If you fail here, it’s over. Capricorn doesn’t joke around about goals. They are always top priority. There’s no mamby-pamby, wishy-washiness allowed. You’ve got to be dedicated. If you’re not dedicated, you’re not serious. And if you’re not serious, you lose. There’s no room for Cancerian “I’m not in the mood” excuses.

Get Organized

You weren’t prepared. You hadn’t secured the right supplies. What did you need to help you succeed that you didn’t have? Think of it as starting school without the proper supplies, or trying to grill a shish kabob without a skewer. You can’t paint a room without a bucket of paint!

Get Disciplined

Harping back on the “I’m not in the mood” syndrome: there are no excuses. Getting serious also means being disciplined and diligent. Set a schedule, if needed. And then stick to it. Do what you need to do and then do it again, and again.

(At least I’ve scheduled some time to work out my schedule.)

Be Dependable

This one is golden. How many times have you broken promises to yourself? If you’re feeling guilty and inadequate, it probably stems from broken promises you’ve made to yourself. If you can’t trust yourself, how do you expect someone else to trust you?

Be Responsible

This one should be easy for nurturing, caring Cancer. You’ve taken on the role of being mother to all that is. It’s not always easy or convenient to put yourself ~ or your own goal ~ first, but your goal is your baby and no one is going to take care of it but you. And if you don’t take care of it, it won’t survive. And you’ll wither away more each day,

Now get up and get busy!

Capricorn pep talks aren’t the most comforting, but they are exactly what I need to get on the track toward success. Every sign has it’s own ways of setting themselves up for failure. Any way I look at it, though, Capricorn’s answer is a one-size fits all.

6 thoughts on “Five Tips to Salvage New Moon Intentions

  1. Good post….being disciplined is the hard one for me. But I am on it now…thanks to Capricorn giving me a good talking to

    1. Cap can certainly set us straight! Glad to know I’m not the only one who needed a “good talking to,” as my folks would say.

  2. Salvage effort in progress:
    My natal Sagittarius Saturn, RX in the 6th, squared Pluto and MC,
    is going – ‘nahnahnahnahnah – I can’t hear you, CAP!’
    And me, I’m yelling ‘Shut Up!’ at the archer. 🙂

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