Mercury in Pisces ~ Absorbing It All

Mercury is a slippery fellow ~ moving backward and forward through the zodiac ~ so we need to keep our eye on him. In Pisces, he’s  probably a bit…distracted. There’s so much to absorb.

Naturally associated with the thinking signs of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is awash with sensitivity and heightened perception while in the water signs. In Pisces, the most nebulous and impressionistic of the water signs, he enters the world of poetry, metaphor, and music. Pisces communication predates language. Words aren’t necessary, but they are often beautiful.

Imagine engaging in rambling stream of consciousness musings, accompanied by a soft and mesmerizing new age soundtrack. Everything won’t be germane, but some true and beneficial nuggets will arise that can inspire and bring surprising clarity out of the chaos.

Find a piece of new age music, put the headphones on, and just start talking. If you can tape yourself, better yet. You might be surprised at the things you hear during playback. The things that are important to you will creep through. Those are the things that Mercury is focused on subconsciously. Imagine what focused attention can do for you.

Medwyn Goodall’s Water Song will give you five minutes to sample this technique. Try it and see what you discover in the fog.