Cycle 9 ~ Compassion, Selflessness, Completion

Do you identify with the number 9? Before reading about Cycle 9, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

    1. Are you devoted to improving the human condition?
    2. Do you have a great deal of empathy for the feelings of others?
    3. Can you always find the bright side of a hardship?
    4. Do you work with a volunteer program?
    5. Are you a gatherer of strays—pets and people?
    6. Do you experience a lot of worry and guilt over making the “right” choice?
    7. Are you inspired by the lives of martyrs or saints?
    8. Is it easy for you to forgive?
    9. Do you believe that love will conquer all?

YES ~ If you answered yes to most of these questions, you strongly identify with the qualities of Nine. Your compassionate and selfless nature will help you as you encounter the transitions and endings associated with the Cycle of Nine.

NO ~ If you are the type who finds change so threatening that you will remain in a situation that has outlived itself rather than move on, you are very likely to find this year to be exhausting and overwhelming.

Either way, this year can provide you with opportunities to develop the positive qualities of Nine.


This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Compassion ~ Selflessness ~ Completion

Every time a door closes, another opens. Keep this in mind as you begin the last year in this Nine Year Cycle of Life. This is a year of transitions, major changes, and endings. You may find your life dramatically different by the end of the year. Some of the changes will be warmly embraced; others will feel traumatic and emotional.

#9cardAs the Cycle of Nine opens, begin an intensive review of your past nine years. What has served you in the past and continues to serve you well? Honestly assess your current position on the path toward your goal, what you still hold dear, and what has lost its luster. If there are nagging little projects that need finishing, clear them away as early in the year as possible so that they will not be distractions. If something has surpassed its usefulness, this is the year to remove it from your life. Something truly satisfying and rewarding is due to replace it. It is time to make room for abundance to enter your life.

You may not be in control of all the transitions or endings you face this year. Sometimes it will be you who are invited to leave. You may find a bigger fish has moved in to your pond and you must step aside or move on. Careers run their course. Longtime associates, friends, and companions morph into people you don’t even recognize anymore. Long-held relationships are lost due to misplaced ego or unacceptable behavior. These transitions remain stinging mysteries. Out of nowhere, you may find yourself struck with the realization that you have been handed your hat. When you are blind-sided like this, you can be left feeling rejected, confused, and alone.

Other types of endings that you will encounter are the ones that just slip away. You may be surprised to find that relationships and situations ~ which are no longer important to you ~ will simply disappear. It’s as simple as looking up and finding that they have left you unawares. This is not a recommendation to take a do-nothing approach in the Cycle of Nine. Be assured that you will be required to have a direct, personal involvement in many of the changes and endings you will face.

You are likely to feel that everyone and everything is emotionally charged. You will be right. If you are the emotional type, do your very best to remain centered—do not allow situations to become melodramatic. If you fear displays of emotion, or find it difficult to express your feelings, be on alert for emotional numbness or repression—a call to seek wise counsel.

Believe it or not, this year is beneficial for you. If you allow yourself to be open and loving, you will come out of the year graciously. Do this not only for the feelings of others, but for yourself as well. Others may react harshly and impulsively at times, but it is you who is left with the memory of how you handled the experiences. If you manage these moments with dignity and poise, you are more likely to be satisfied with the way you handled yourself in trying times.

The amazing thing about endings is that we don’t always appreciate them. A sense of relief and freedom can come with closure, though. It can feel so good to lay our burdens down. If you genuinely feel something or someone slipping from you that you cannot bear to part with, be prepared to adapt so that you may hold on to your treasures. Sometimes by giving 100%, you win everything. Before making such a compromise, however, be sure that you can live with your choices—and be happy doing it.

In the latter part of the year, you will begin to envision a new you—whether that’s through your work, your home, or your relationships. After September, you may even begin a new venture or relationship. Don’t expect them to have much staying power, however. The latter part of the year could also bring you one last wallop. The outcome of this event hinges on the depth of selflessness and understanding you can drum up.

Don’t worry that you will be left with nothing at the end of the year. That is certainly not the case. You will find so much this year that will be meaningful and joyful for you. The wheat will rise and the chaff will fall away. And if you are blessed with the ability to look on the bright side, you are quite likely to find it in the oddest of places.

While the Cycle of Nine may leave you feeling drained, you will also be ready to start out on a new adventure. That is what next year holds for you—a brand new start on another Nine Year Cycle of Life.

The Cycle of Nine is the transition phase of the Nine Year Cycle of Life. During the past eight years, you have most assuredly developed an understanding of the effort required for any endeavor to succeed and first-hand knowledge of the many ups and downs along the way. You have encountered wins and losses, celebrations, grief, and plateaus. Use the lifetime of wisdom you have gained to prime yourself for the inevitable transitions you will face as you bring this cycle to a close and take your first unsteady steps toward the next Nine Year Cycle of Life.

Last year, in the Cycle of Eight, you were offered the opportunity to brilliantly showcase your accomplishments and progress toward your goal. The Cycle of Nine, the cycle of closure, is the dark of what lies ahead. You know that there is more. Not the “more” of accumulation or greed, but the “more” of spirit, more of you. There is still so very much to learn, so many treasures to discover. There is also much work behind you and now you must rest awhile before beginning again.

At night, you lay your weary body down and wait in the dark for the embrace of sleep. In the dark you are able to dream and in dreams lay the urges to create. Imagine a world bathed in moonlight. It is soft, all the sharp edges are rounded, the colors muted. In this dreamtime are many images—some clouded and foggy, others crisp and vibrant. Upon waking, a miraculous thing can occur—you can begin to live the dream. Envision it, ponder it, make room for it. As you clear the clutter from your life, you create a space for the beautiful experiences you are yet to realize. That’s what the next nine years hold for you—the ability to manifest a new dream and the opportunity to further refine and advance your goal.