Cycle 8 ~ Success, Power, Achievement

Do you identify with the number 8? Before reading about Cycle 8, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

    1. Do you equate personal wealth with power?
    2. Do you have to be the boss in your relationships?
    3. Are you flashy or showy?
    4. Are you label-conscious?
    5. Is winning extremely important to you?
    6. Will you sacrifice personal relationships for business success?
    7. Do you have difficulty with the non-material realm?
    8. Do you have a big ego?
    9. Do you disassociate yourself from the “wrong” people?

YES ~ If you answered yes to most of these questions, you strongly identify with the qualities of Eight. You will find that the Cycle of Eight will present you with opportunities to wield your influence and advance yourself in the business world.

NO ~ If you are awkward with self-promotion or in using your influence assertively, you may feel that an unwarranted or undesirable spotlight has been placed on you.

Either way, this year can provide you with the opportunities to develop the positive characteristics of Eight.


This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Power ~ Success ~ Achievement

Does the heart of the lion beat within your chest? If so, the Cycle of Eight holds the possibility of increasing your personal power and bringing you closer to the accomplishment of your goals. You alone can determine where your personal power lies. It could be within your spirit, your intellect, or your abilities as a motivator. But one thing is sure ~ the Cycle of Eight insists that you use your strengths in the real, material world. If you have been diligent in increasing your knowledge, experience, and skills in the pursuit of your goal, you are likely to be blessed with the fruit of your labors.

#8cardThis is the year to anchor your reputation and your status. If you have felt unappreciated and undervalued, but have remained diligent anyway, it is quite likely that you will see an increase in the authority and influence you wield. When opportunities arise to advance your goal, walk in with authority and the resolve to achieve success.

It is not a time for bullying, impatient, or self-aggrandizing action, however. Any time you shove yourself on others in a self-important, dictatorial manner, you will find that you have more enemies than allies. You will be perceived as an egotistical, self-important boor with nothing but your own interests at heart.

The Cycle of Eight can bring attention to your finances. Most of us have to earn a living to support ourselves and everyone deserves material rewards for their efforts. This year you may find your wallet a little fatter than usual, probably a fortunate turn of events. Who wouldn’t like a little more money? However, in the Cycle of Eight, you may be tempted to sacrifice your ethics or goal for financial gain or a step up the hierarchical ladder.

The Cycle of Eight ~ with its emphasis on achievement and success ~ brings with it the temptation to sell out and move on. Be absolutely clear on what type of enrichment or damage is to be gained from that type of behavior. Unless your goal excludes everything but increase in wealth, carefully rethink your decision to abandon your ethics. You will find that you incur setbacks, disappointment, and alienation from your dependents and those who support you when you make such decisions.

This is a year for realism and practicality. It is important when faced with the nearness of your goal that you not lose sight of its simplest and most loving rewards. This year, especially, know thyself and quite importantly, know thy allies and thy enemies. Take the needs and concerns of others into account at all times with a scrutinizing eye for culpability, fairness, and good judgement. Keep the scales of justice delicately balanced as you weigh your perceptions of yourself and others.

Do not overlook the abilities and strengths of others in this cycle. Encourage them in a benevolent and honest way. Be an example of right livelihood and strength of character. If you are called upon to make a judgement about another person, be shrewd yet principled. Be tolerant and benevolent as you try to read the very fine line between right and might.

A candid, business-like manner will serve you well in many situations you encounter in the Cycle of Eight. This is a year for realism and progress, not fantasy or wishful thinking. If you can see the potential for growth without undermining your prior efforts, be courageous enough to take some risks.

After last year’s pull to discover the inner you, the Cycle of Eight hurls you out into the real world. You may feel as though you have been thrown in the ring with lions. Guess what? You are the lion. You don’t have to tear people to shreds, though. Learn how to use your power in a beneficial way.

One of this year’s major gifts is power, but it’s not for exacting revenge on your enemies and wreaking havoc with the lives of underlings. Rather, the gift allows you to use your power to advance your interests, all the while remaining gentle and considerate. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to roar on occasion. Just be sure that when you turn up the volume, it’s directed toward the right people.

The Cycle of Eight is the bearer of strength and authority. During this cycle, you will learn the varying degrees to which you are able to execute these two forces. Not only will you be required to find and acknowledge your personal strength, you will be required to define your idea of justice and fairness ~ and the difference between the two. How you exert your power is of primary importance. As a leader, you will be required to direct the actions of others this year. If you honor their unique personalities, talents, and skills as you advise and work with them, you will reap rewards far greater than if you dictate their actions. You will find that if you encourage autonomy in others, you will increase not only their strength but yours as well.