Cycle 7 ~ Rest, Deeper Truths, The Mysteries of Life

Do you identify with the number 7? Before reading about Cycle 7, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

  1. Is your life a quest?
  2. Do you need a lot of alone time?
  3. Do you dislike small talk?
  4. Can you get to the beginning from the end?
  5. Do you think everything moves too fast?
  6. Do you consider yourself a rogue or a black sheep?
  7. Do you regularly seek out times for study, prayer or contemplation?
  8. Is spiritual or intellectual enlightenment an ambition?
  9. Will you burst some bubbles to show people the truth?

YES ~ If you answered yes to most of these questions, you strongly identify with the qualities of Seven. You will find that the Cycle of Seven will offer you many moments for personal insights, study, and rest.

NO ~ If the roar of silence frightens you, this year may feel dull, lifeless, and lonely at times. Try not to waste your time waiting for something entertaining to come along. Enjoy your friends and family, but do find some quiet time.

No matter which description fits, this year will present you many opportunities to develop the positive qualities of Seven.


This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Rest ~ Truths ~ The Mysteries of Life

In the Nine Year Cycle of Life, there are years when most of your time and energy are demanded for action and material progress. Other years are devoted to relationships and families. This is the year to get fully, intimately acquainted and involved with yourself—your deep inner needs, fundamental beliefs and personal truths, intuition, and the mysteries of life. Take the opportunity during the Cycle of Seven to really get to know yourself much better than you ever have before.

#7cardThis year is not so much about making changes as it is a time to consider the possibilities and ramifications that change can bring. The Cycle of Seven is a time for looking to your past and examining what led you to where you are today. How did you get from where you were to where you are now? It is also auspicious for envisioning your future and determining how you get from here to there. Best of all, you can closely examine the intertwined strands that string the beads of your life together. Turn over a lot of rocks, dig deeply into the mysteries of life, take a scientific, investigative approach and find the whos, whats, wheres, whens, whys and hows of your life.

The Cycle of Seven can be emotionally trying and lonely, at times. You may even find yourself in the position of being overlooked or left out by others. This is your wake-up call to spend time away from the crowd in contemplation, research, meditation, or prayer. Spirit demands it. If you are not normally the type of person who enjoys a lot of quiet time, you could feel quite lonely under this influence. Even if you do like solitude, loneliness may creep in this year. Don’t wait for others to call you—pick up the phone, make contact! This year is for introspection, not hiding.

If you find that you are enjoying your solitude and seek out too much alone-time, you may be perceived as detached, standoffish, or antisocial. Assure your loved ones that you are fine, you just need a time-out. Give them the attention they need because you don’t want to alienate them while finding yourself.

Sometimes communication gets a little muddled in the Cycle of Seven. You may not be as clear as you would like, or others may seem to make little or no sense to you. Be patient and persevere. Clarity will come. Remain patient and focused. If you feel you are lacking direction and need someone to talk it over with, seek out a wise and trusted friend or counselor.

Remember that everything runs in cycles and phases and that you can’t get to where you’re going from where you’ve been unless you go through now. This particular year is a marker of sorts in the Nine Year Cycle of Life. Think of it as a kind of cosmic rest stop with a breathtaking view. Take advantage of time. Pull over when you need a break from the driving pace of life and contemplate the horizon. It reaches far across tomorrow.

The Cycle of Seven has a great gift for you if you allow yourself the time needed to receive it—the gift of inspiration and insight. Sometimes inspiration comes in a flash while walking down a busy street, engaged in a hobby, or through dreams that bolt us from sleep. These are fantastic times! Filled with an excitement that may be difficult to express to others, we can be absolutely astonished by the knowledge of the intellectual or spiritual lightning bolts that hit us.

There is another time when the gift of inspiration may be offered to you—in the quiet times such as an early morning used for nothing more than staring out a window or in late night hours when right action is whispered to us in half-sleep. These are times when the mind is quiet and settled, when we are receptive to the answers we seek. We may also look for these answers in nature, in the books we read, through our work, or in the eyes of our loved ones. We can search ceaselessly. Then we look again one day and find it was there all along. The insight received during these moments may not have the fire of sudden flashes, but they are receptive, sensitive and hopeful.

During the Cycle of Seven we may undergo an alchemical process when a miracle occurs—we actually find what we are looking for. It may not come quickly, and sometimes it seems that it may never come at all. Sometimes the answer seems just beyond our grasp, impossible to uncover. Imagine that the deeper a treasure lies, the more bountiful it may be. Don’t stop digging. At some time during the Cycle of Seven you will feel the shovel hit the wood and all your efforts will be worth it.

The Cycle of Seven places an emphasis on rest, retreat, and review. This year, make sure that you devote enough time to the clarification of your beliefs and the mysteries around you. The Cycle of Seven is the cycle of learning—you have the opportunity to come out of the year much wiser than you entered it.

With the aid of insight and inspiration and the grace of patience, you will be better prepared to face the challenge of the Cycle of Eight—the right use of your abundance and authority. You will be able to offer your experience as a teacher or mentor to those who follow a similar path.

Spending time alone in quiet contemplation or study holds the potential to reduce stress and increase your knowledge on some subject of interest. The inability to spend some time in solitude robs you of self-discovery and access to the hidden truths that lie within. Spending too much time alone, however, can cause loneliness and make you feel like an outsider, even when you are in the company of others. Interaction is a necessary component of our daily lives. It keeps us social, involved, and broadens our perspective. There is a huge difference between solitude and loneliness. True solitude comes when it is a retreat, not an imprisonment or escape from reality.