Cycle 6 ~ Sharing, Family, Community

Do you identify with the number 6? Before reading about Cycle 6, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

  1. Are you a thoughtful, complimentary, and grateful person?
  2. Do you want intimate dinners or celebrations ~ such as engagements or wedding anniversaries ~ to include the whole gang?
  3. Do you have a wide circle of friends from many generations?
  4. Are you responsible?
  5. Are your social activities centered around your family?
  6. Do you believe that sharing means you get more?
  7. Do you support a charity?
  8. Does your family’s influence play an important role in guiding your life?
  9. Would you sacrifice your dreams to live up to the family name? 

YES ~ If you answered yes to most of these questions, you strongly identify with the qualities of Six. You will be delighted to find such an emphasis placed on the caring, loving, and familial side of life.

NO ~ If you don’t like to share or you aren’t close to your family or community, you may find Cycle Six to be stressful and burdensome because of the year’s emphasis on involvement with them.

Either way, this year will present you with opportunities to develop the positive qualities of Six.


This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Sharing ~ Family ~ Community

Relationships! Romantic relationships usually come to mind when we hear that word, but relationships also include your business associates, coworkers, acquaintances, close friends, and family. It is your family and close friends who will be the focus of your relationships this year. How you are able to respond to and work with them will be a primary concern. Romance is not completely out of the picture though. It could be the year that you tie the knot, thereby creating a new family circle. If you are already attached, this could be the year you rekindle the flame.

#6cardFamily is a major focus in the Cycle of Six. Everyone has a different idea of family, though. For some it is the immediate family only. For others it ranges from immediate family to distant cousins six times removed. Some people create their families from a network of friends instead of relatives. When you read “family” in these pages, be clear on your who you believe your “family” to be.

If children are a part of your life, their influence will be especially strong this year; likewise, your interaction with parents or the elderly. You could become a caretaker or be called upon to act in a more hands-on manner. It will be love that tugs at you and you will need to participate more closely in family matters. “Family” is where your focus will be during the Cycle of Six. Your larger circle of acquaintances will be the sideshow

Be prepared to offer your assistance in myriad ways. Many demands will be made on your time. You’ll spend a lot of energy on your relationships, and you may come to redefine how and whom you love. You may become a needed benefactor this year, so prepare your budget accordingly. You may have to squeeze a nickel, but somehow more nickels will appear. Have faith that God will provide.

You will be asked to share many resources ~ not only your time and financial aid ~ but your heart, your sympathy, or just your shoulder for someone to lean on. This can be a very heavy load and you may suffer physically and emotionally. Make sure that you do not overlook your own needs. Take care of yourself ~ both your body and your spirit.

While you will be called upon to counsel and advise those near and dear to you, maintain a detached attitude about their choices. Many people may seek out your wisdom, but you will be perceived as interfering rather than helpful if you become demanding or bossy. Remain sympathetic ~ but not absorbed ~ in the problems of others. Don’t allow yourself to become an emotional sponge or a dictatorial tyrant.

Be prepared to handle domestic duties during the Cycle of Six, including balancing the budget, caring for the home and household needs, and all kinds of familial affairs. Money may be difficult to save, so do try your best to be economical during this cycle.

Amazingly, you can find it to be a year of harmony and comfort. Music, hobbies, the arts, and crafts can play important roles. Relax with them and allow them to soothe you. When possible, find some quiet time for yourself and creative projects.

This year will probably give you many lovely memories. The additional responsibilities you face will be rewarding if you handle them in a generous, caring and thoughtful manner.

The Cycle of Six is known as the domestic phase in the Nine Year Cycle of Life. This doesn’t mean you will be tied to the kitchen sink elbow-deep in dish detergent suds. It is a nurturing time, though, and you will feel a connection to domesticity and the warmth of the hearth. You are called to be counselor, artist, parent, and peacemaker for your close friends and family. You must be flexible enough to handle all kinds of situations and detached enough to allow your “children” to make their own final decisions.

The Cycle of Six is very demanding. Last year you probably found that you enjoyed more personal freedom. This year you may feel as though everyone is tied to your apron strings and you’d give anything for a pair of scissors.

How you deal with everyone’s needs depends, of course, on your basic nature and how responsive you are to others in general. If you’re the type who really gets involved with friends and family as a rule, this year will be very intense. Try to ease up a little.

If you are normally aloof and distant, you may find it to be a truly difficult year because you don’t know how to respond in such a personal manner. Try reaching out. It might seem unbearable in the beginning, but the treasures you stand to gain are limitless.