Cycle 5 ~ Change, Freedom, Sensation

Do you identify with the number 5? Before reading about Cycle 5, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

  1. If you have a lot of projects going at once, will you add another because it’s exciting?
  2. Do you prefer spontaneous get-togethers to planned intimacy?
  3. Do you get a kick out of chaos?
  4. Do you dislike routine and process?
  5. Do you frequently over-indulge in sensual pleasures?
  6. Do you consider family responsibilities confining?
  7. Are you stimulated by outside sounds?
  8. Would you choose a less prestigious position at work if you could set your own hours?
  9. Would you rather be a firefighter than a psychiatrist?

YES ~ If you answered yes to most of these questions, you strongly identify with the qualities of Five. The Cycle of Five will bring opportunities for change, adaptation, sensuality, and liberation. Keep an eye on over-doing it during this cycle and make sure you find time for physical and mental rest.

NO ~ If you find change to be rather frightening or prefer routine to spur-of-the-moment, you may have to relax and loosen up a little to make the most of this cycle.

Either way, this year will present you with opportunities to develop the positive qualities of Five.

Cycle of Five

This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Change ~ Freedom ~ Sensation

Are you ready to drop the routine, see which way the wind blows, and follow your nose down exciting uncharted paths that hold unusual and, possibly, dramatically new adventures? If you are, this is your year! If that sounds threatening to you, try to relax the reins a little and go with the flow.

Last year may have seemed full of hard work, limitations and restrictions. The natural polarity is freedom, excitation, and boundless adventure ~ in both the physical, mental and spiritual sense. While your workday routine seemed absolutely predictable last year, keep an eraser near your date book in Cycle Five because your schedule is likely to change spontaneously and frequently.

It is likely that you will find new people, new experiences, and new perspectives available in limitless supply. Grab the opportunities to introduce the unfamiliar because in doing so you may also increase your circle and your resources.

Take a few chances this year, but don’t expect a sense of permanency. It’s a year of experimentation and sensation. Get a new hairdo, find a more modern way to dress, try a bizarre foreign cuisine. The point is ~ you are learning, and in order to learn you must experience the untried, the new.

Five is the number of travel, advertising, and education. This is the time to explore the world, whether it’s your neighborhood, a different continent, or the entire global network. You will acquire a lot of knowledge by the daily give and take of communication and personal involvement.

If you have the opportunity to travel, use it to increase your awareness of how other communities view ~ and react ~ to the projects and goals you have set for yourself. You will gain access to broader perspectives and ideas. Tune in to receive an eclectic response to your interests while broadcasting your own views and agenda.

At times, you may feel that everything is complete chaos. That’s to be expected when so much information is coming in. Keep your eye on the goal and filter the information you receive so that it may serve you well. You will need to separate the wheat from the chaff, and you must be perfectly clear on which is which.

The Cycle of Five indicates a break from the year of hard work you faced last year. Now it’s time to get rid of some of last year’s arrgh! factor. Five is a physically active number and, therefore, will exert its influence in a physical way. If you are already an active person, you are probably well equipped to handle the year’s physical demands. If you’re the sedentary type, extra effort may be necessary to fulfill your obligations and meet the challenges of the year.

Don’t risk injury this year by being careless. Keep your attention focused when physically engaged so that you do not create unnecessary setbacks for yourself. Do not neglect health routines or regular check-ups. You will encounter some demanding moments and you must be fit in order to handle them well.

During this cycle of adaptation, you will be called upon to make some important changes. You can use these changes as a catalyst to further your goals, and as a way to develop your talents and skills. Do not scatter your energies so broadly that you lose all sense of order. The adventurous nature of the Cycle of Five should allow you to enjoy some pleasurable times while you continue to make progress toward your goal.

This year is the middle year in the Nine-Year Cycle of Life. As such, it is a turning point. Cycles One through Four found you creating and cultivating new goals. Cycles Six through Nine can guide you through the process of using your talents and skills more responsibly and expertly. Approach this middle year with a sense of lightheartedness and have some fun, but keep your sights on your goal and ~ on occasion, anyway ~ put your nose to the grindstone. When you look back at this time of life, you’ll want to see that progress was made and that your direction was clarified.

The Cycle of Five offers lessons of adjustment and, consequently, the lessons of losing some and winning some. It teaches perseverance, but points out that you can stagnate in the pursuit of your goals if you aren’t willing to take an occasional risk to gain more ground. The only constant is change. Change can be a very scary thing ~ even when you aren’t satisfied with your present situation. Unless you have created a shrine to the tried and true, the possibility for entering a new realm of mastery is still worth the risk. If you are open to change, this year will reward you. If you are resistant, you may find your efforts wither and stall.

As the middle of the Nine Year Cycle, Cycle Five strongly indicates that adaptations must be made. As you review your wins and losses, contemplate the changes you can incorporate that will guide you forward on your journey. Stagnation is defeat ~ an acceptance that this is as good as it gets. If you believe that your progress has been good and that there is more progress to be made, you will fight against stagnation, you will not give up, and you will succeed. With that determination, you will fight the good fight and become the victor, not the defeated.

How can your past behavior help or hinder your progress toward your ultimate goal? Does it need adjustment? Review your past, but stay in the moment during this cycle, living each minute joyously and consciously. The hours, the days, the years each escape so quickly. Don’t lose sight of where you want to be as the last half of this Nine Year Cycle rolls around.