Cycle 4 ~ Process, Stabilization

Do you identify with the number 4? Before reading about Cycle 4, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

  1. Do you find visionaries to be impractical?
  2. Do you find it difficult to spontaneously change your plans?
  3. Do you plan what you are going to say?
  4. Do you read and follow directions?
  5. If the cat’s away, do the mice play?
  6. Does work get more attention than anything else?
  7. Do you schedule your “down-time?”
  8. Are generic products as good as name brands?
  9. Do you think bonuses should be given for merit only?

YES ~ If you answer yes to most of these questions you strongly identify with the qualities of Four. You will find this year to your liking, as it will bring a focus to the issues of process and stabilization.

NO ~ If you are horrified by routine, planning, and steadfast adherence to a discipline, you may find this year to be strenuous and exacting. You will, however, increase your stamina and dedication.

Either way, the Cycle of Four will present you with opportunities to develop the positive qualities of Four.


This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Process ~ Stabilization

Are you ready to hunker down and put your nose to the grindstone? Pick your pleasure ~ body, mind, or spirit ~ and get ready to work. This will most likely be the year that you work harder than you have in a while. As such, it is a time to pay attention to details, get things straightened out, and put your affairs in order. If a specific area of your life feels a little bit shaky, this is the year to secure your foundation for future growth.

Since it is likely to be a very demanding year, don’t overextend yourself on every front. Promise only as much as you know you can deliver but deliver what you promise. This means that you must pay very close attention to the details of your duties and apply yourself diligently in meeting your obligations. Not to do so will cause you to expend more effort and energy at a time when you need them the most. If you are careless or sloppy with your duties, you may also find yourself in a re-play situation ~ having to do things again because they weren’t done properly the first time. While it may seem trying and, at times, just way too hard, the work you do today will play a major role in the attainment of your ultimate goal.

Make the very best use of your time. Time will be a very valuable asset to you this year and you may find every nook and cranny of your time scheduled and planned. Since this is the case, plan some time off and be sure to take it. Rest is important in replenishing your energy and keeping you in a good state of health. If you find yourself overworked and worn out, make rest and relaxation periods a priority.

While you may feel reined in and restricted by outside forces this year, try not to lose sight of alternative possibilities as you work on your goals. Keep your mind open to the new and unproven so that you don’t become mired down in the same old methods and routine. Don’t let the tried and true become a rut you’re stuck in.

This is a year to specifically pay attention to your body. Four is assigned to the earth element and, thus, signifies the physical. If you need to make adjustments to your eating habits, begin an exercise program, or erase some addiction from your life, please do so now. Your body is the vehicle in which you travel this spiral of life. Develop your strength, your stamina, and your will power so that you’re physically fit. Doing so will increase your ability to withstand the pressures you will face in the Cycle of Four.

Take all issues step-by-step, using a practical approach. Try to recognize when you carelessly rush through an issue in an attempt to get it finished now, avoiding the precision that this cycle demands.

Be patient, steadfast, and increase your efficiency while avoiding the possibility of getting stuck in a rut.

The Cycle of Four is a cycle of hard work. The planning of a project and fixing of the goal must be accomplished with a loving nature for your work and seen through to completion. Yet, even with such an emphasis on stability and process, this year requires flexibility and adaptability.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut during this cycle, you have overlooked the fact that change is necessary for growth. Without change, there is no forward progress. Hopelessly stuck in yesterday’s rut is not the ideal of Four. Four helps you establish a base, which change will not destroy, but enhance. The key is being able to bend with the wind and the willingness to take a chance on something untried ~ once in a while, anyway ~ without unrelenting resistance or fear.

The Cycle of Four deals with grounding and stabilizing your foundation. The challenge is to create a solid base that is also flexible enough to embrace changes. The gift of Four is the confidence that comes with knowing your material world is secure while your heart and mind are open.