Cycle 3 ~ Creativity, Expression, Growth

Do you identify with the number 3? Before reading about Cycle 3, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

  1. Are you eager to express your creativity?
  2. Do you find it easy to promote your group?
  3. Do you find it fun to speak publicly, sing, dance, or perform in some way?
  4. Do you believe that talent doesn’t need technique?
  5. Are you attuned to body language?
  6. Are you prone to gossip?
  7. Do you enjoy being center stage?
  8. Do you seek recognition from superiors?
  9. Do you laugh when you feel like crying?

YES ~ The Cycle of Three will provide the arena for full self-expression and self-promotion.

NO ~ If you are uncomfortable with such an extroverted approach, you will still be able to use the year’s energy to develop your ability to express yourself with confidence and honesty.

Either way, this year can provide you with ample opportunities to develop the positive qualities of Three.


This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Creativity ~ Expression ~ Growth

This is a year that invites you to fully express yourself as you really are. There will be an emphasis on all types of communication—whether it’s letters, telephone calls, artful expression, revealing a new theory to a panel of your peers, speaking up for your beliefs, facing the boss, drum banging, or whatever. This is your job for the current year.

If you’re the type this comes naturally to, then you’ve got it made. If you’re shy or secretive, this year may present some difficulties for you. You can, of course, stay in the background and just squeak by when you have to, but then your challenges go unmet and the opportunity for growth extinguishes itself.

The key for both extroverts and introverts is timing. If you have something to say, it is imperative that your audience is willing to listen and at least somewhat receptive to the message. You can’t expect a good response to the request for a raise from a boss who has just been chewed out by the board of directors or a major client. So, not only is it your task in the Cycle of Three to express yourself, it is also your task to develop the skill of listening ~ to words, to body language, to the “feel” of a room, to the tiny voice inside yourself, and to the words spoken by all the squeaky voices and blabber-mouths around you.

Because the Cycle of Three is one of creativity, joy, and expression, this year is likely to present you with opportunities to participate in joyful events—parties, weddings, graduations, promotions, births—any reason for a celebration. In other words, your social life should receive some attention. If you’re looking for that special someone, the chances of romance are increased for the simple reason that you’re putting yourself out there for them to see you.

It is likely that this year will find you leaning a little toward the irresponsible side. If you’re the super-responsible type, don’t worry about that too much. You’re not likely to chuck everything, don a pair of rose-colored glasses, and go tip-toeing through the tulips. If you are the irresponsible type, keep a check on your behavior because you could easily be tempted to throw everything to the wind and just have a good time. Both types need to consider this: where do you want to be next year? The overly responsible types should be able to see themselves as having gained some ground, but also with some happy, lighthearted memories. Take some time from your duties to rejuvenate your spirit. There’s an abundance of joy just waiting for you to tap it.

The irresponsible types should also envision some growth and progress toward their ultimate goal. Partying till you drop and scattering your energies can prevent you from taking even a tiny step forward. You don’t want to look back on a wasted year. Both types should be able to move forward while having a pretty good time, though.

An emphasis is placed on the joyous side of life during the Cycle of Three. This does not mean that you will be granted this special gift without a sense of responsibility. You aren’t rubbing a magic lantern—you are being asked to participate completely in the creation of joy.

There is always the possibility that it will not be a good year for you. If that is the way the year seems to go for you, seek out those moments when a spirit can be lifted, a kind word uttered, or a friendly presence offered. Magic can be found in the darkest places by taking advantage of the spectacular gift you are able to both give and receive this year ~ the gift of joy.

The Cycle of Three invites you to focus on your talents and develop a unique way of expressing them to the world. It is a year to expand your vision of your goals, join in celebrations with your friends and in your community, attempt to break any patterns of sorrow that hinder your forward progress, and join with others in the spirit of teamwork to complete any common goals. This year should have a more free-spirited feel than last year and holds the promise of leaving you with memories of good days and happy times.

If you find that you are scattering your energies and are having difficulty progressing as much as you would like, take the initiative to get yourself back on track with the issues and projects which are most meaningful to you. Spend some time dreaming about things you love. Have some fantasies. But if you want them to come true, you have to focus and apply yourself to the process of making them real.

The Cycle of Three brings a lot of attention to the more lighthearted side of life. It does require that you pay attention to some negatives, though—things like gossip, one of our oldest forms of communication. Cowardice or fear—the opposite of straightforward communication—will not allow you to make progress. These must be overcome if you want to live a truthful and bountiful life.

It’s possible that the Cycle of Three can be one of your toughest years. If that’s the case, you must be absolutely honest in all your communications. Even though self-expression may want to manifest itself through angry outbursts or tantrums, you must hold it in check, keep your mouth closed a while, and think before saying something that you don’t really believe and that you may later regret.

The major message of this unique year is to love yourself and don’t be afraid to tell the world about it. Your song for the year could be the very sweet and very simple children’s song, “This Little Light of Mine.”

If you have found something that you really love, dedicate yourself to it. Become a student and a master. Enjoy every moment of it, even the tough parts. There’s a huge payoff coming around the curve. Next year will require you to work really hard. Wouldn’t it be nice to be working hard on something you absolutely adore?