Cycle 2 ~ Duality, Partnership, Union

Do you identify with the number 2? Before reading about Cycle 2, take a minute to answer these 9 questions:

  1. Do you look to others to lead you?
  2. Do you find it preferable to work behind the scenes?
  3. Are you willing to let someone else speak for you?
  4. Do you believe partnerships profit from routine duties?
  5. Will you change to please another person?
  6. Do you feel guilty about not sharing?
  7. Do you find it difficult to be alone?
  8. Do you believe authority figures have your best interests at heart?
  9. Do you sacrifice your own desires for others?

YES ~ You strongly identify with the qualities of Two. The Cycle of Two will have you working behind the scenes in a supportive, caring way.

NO ~ If you prefer a leadership position, you may feel frustrated or thwarted in your efforts this year. Patience will be a major asset for you. Either way, the Cycle of Two can provide you with the opportunities to develop the positive qualities of Two.


This year will bring a focus on your perceptions of and ability to work with:

Duality ~ Partnership ~ Union

If you were in sync with last year’s cycle of beginnings, you will find that you have at least one new project in the works at this time, maybe several. Last year gave you an energetic thrust toward the attainment of your goals. This year, however, you will likely find that everything has reached a plateau. You may feel like the universe has put the brakes on you through delays, changes in your plans, or complete halts. You may feel that you are being severely tested as you work through these demanding times. The more you press a situation, trying to move it forward, the more delays and set-backs you are likely to experience. But this is exactly the lesson of the Cycle of Two.

This year will give you the opportunity to develop your patience. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. And nothing can continue to grow at lightning speed without burning itself out. The development of patience and tolerance will lead to strength and endurance. If you want your projects to develop fully and vibrantly, you must accept (or at least learn to tolerate) this phase of the Nine Year Cycle of Life.

Things may seem to move very slowly throughout this Cycle. By the end of the year, however, you most likely will be very satisfied with the progress you have made despite any trying times along the way. Your attention may be pulled toward helping others this year. While you may feel this distraction is hindering your progress, your investment in others will lead to future assistance when you need their help the most.

If you get too caught up in this pull toward fulfilling other people’s wishes, you may find that you have a tendency to sacrifice your own ambitions and desires. If you look in the mirror and see a doormat, it is time to acknowledge and act on the true meaning of partnership. Do not allow others to take advantage of the support you offer them. Although you may find yourself in more situations where you are the follower rather than the leader, you must expect and receive the high level of respect which balanced partnership deserves.

Two has several facets:

  • Duality ~ two separate forces
  • Partnership ~ retains the identity and integrity of two separate forces which are balanced and supportive of one another
  • Union ~ the two forces merge into one

Examine your relationships closely to discover if the facet you believe describes them is truly what they are.

Throughout this year, do your best to be helpful and supportive to all those around you. You should find that your sensitivity to friends and family is high. This is to be expected because Two is an emotional number.

If you strongly identify with the energies of Two, this year may have you on edge because of your increased sensitivity. Don’t let melodrama ruin your efforts. Instead of inflating your ego and taking a haughty stance, step back a bit, remain calm, and review the situation. Try to see what you may gain by biding your time.

If you constantly need to be in the leadership position, give a little more than you consider “normal.” Other people may still feel that you’re being a little skimpy on the sharing, but for you, it could be a big step forward.

The Cycle of Two is part of the beginning phase of the Nine Year Cycle of Life. Last year you probably began a new project, job, or relationship in a burst of enthusiasm. This year you will begin the process of adapting it to become a more integrated part of your daily life. Last year, everything was for “Me.” This year you strive to become a partner, supportive of the work and goals of others, while progressing your own projects.

It can be easy during the Cycle of Two to feel like you are giving or sacrificing more than you are willing. “More than you are willing” means that you are not preserving your own identity. All partnerships are supposed to be equal. Both partners should give 100% to the partnership all the time. but that’s not realistic. Relationships are in a constant state of flux. Sometimes we only give 50%, sometimes less. Sometimes we feel like we’re giving 200% and our partner is giving nothing. It’s good to sacrifice for those we love, but the balance must be maintained. You cannot continue to give and give and give without receiving. Don’t become a doormat and do not allow yourself to be abused by people who would take advantage of your good nature.

And please don’t play the martyr. Nobody wants to live with a martyr ~ it just doesn’t work. Chances are, the “martyr” is doing very little actual giving.

The Cycle of Two will take you beyond last year’s cycle of leadership and independence and guide you toward understanding the dualities of your life’s situations, your partnerships, and unions. The end of the year will allow you to consider all the ways you have grown as an individual and know what it is to be “the other.” It is a year of great growth indeed. You cross over the boundary from “Me” to “You,” with all the implied sacrifices and rewards. If you can travel this path without losing yourself, you will gain much power and the promise of a more honest and equitable life.

Follow your hunches this year. As the number of the Moon and the subconscious, your intuition should be high. When you get those gut feelings, figure out where they are coming from.

  • Is it really your intuition, or is something else at work?
  • Are you experiencing the “flight or fight” syndrome?
  • Does something need to be honestly addressed in your relationships?

You can’t help but learn a lot about yourself by paying so much attention to others. You’ll discover what they want, what you want, and what “we” want. And you’ll discover what everyone needs.