Virgo 2020: Moon Changes, Major Events, Tarot Timings

Moon Sign Changes
during Sun’s transit of Virgo

Full Moon in Pisces
Sept 2, 1:22 am ET
Full Corn Moon

Moon Phase Changes
during Sun’s transit of Virgo

New Moon in Virgo
Sept 17, 7:00 am ET

Lunar Forecast, Sept 10-13, 2021

Crescent Moon, Sept 10-13. The Crescent Moon enters Scorpio at 2:05am ET on the 10th, running smack dab into a square with Saturn in Aquarius. This makes for a rather serious Moon, but one with great intent and purpose. By the afternoon, Venus joins the Moon in Scorpio, creating a strong bond and a heightened … More Lunar Forecast, Sept 10-13, 2021

Virgo New Moon, 2021

The New Moon in Virgo occurs at 14 degrees this evening, September 6, 8:52pm ET. The New phase lasts until the morning of September 10. This gives us several days to make our New Moon intentions if we’ve not yet made them or are stumped to focus on something in particular. If you need some … More Virgo New Moon, 2021

Virgo Season, 2021

Happy Full Moon, everyone. Are you ready for a vibe change? The Sun enters Virgo today, 8/22/21, at 5:35pm ET and stays until the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd. The New Moon at 14 Virgo is at 8:52pm ET on September 6th. The Full Moon in Pisces follows on September 20 at 7:55pm ET and … More Virgo Season, 2021