Pisces 2020: Tarot Timings

Tarot Timings are based on the Sun’s transit through the decans of the zodiac.

Decans are ten degree divisions of the zodiac signs. The first decan is always associated with the sign. The second decan is associated with the sign plus the next sign of the same element. The third decan is associated with the following sign of the same element.

Each zodiac sign has four cards associated with it: the Major Arcana card associated with the current zodiac sign and three minors.

The varying qualities of the three decans can help explain why all Cancers, Leos, Geminis, etc., are not alike (along with a gazillion other reasons found in the birth chart). This is just the beginning of understanding the differences in “basic” sun signs.

A brief explanation of the Sun’s transit through Pisces is given for each of the decans.

The ladies depicting the three decans are from antique illustrated cigarette cards.
I love the names associated with each and found some fun correlations with the signs.

Pisces corresponds to the Major Arcana card, The Moon. (If you’re new to tarot, the astrological Moon is represented by The High Priestess card.)

Pisces is a water sign, sensitive and intuitive. Neptune, planet of illusion, confusion, idealism, and inspiration is Pisces’ ruler.

Neptune is often described as a foggy feeling making things hard to see clearly; thus, it has a really nice association with The Hanged Man who always has a different viewpoint or perspective.

The first decan of Pisces carries the purest Pisces energy of the minor arcana cards. It is represented by the 8 of Cups.

The 2020 New Moon of Pisces occurs in this decan making it especially intuitive and extra sensitive.

This is an excellent time to let go of any preconceived notions and let the waves of the universe carry you where you need to go. Trust and faith are beautiful allies.

The 2nd decan of Pisces is influenced by Cancer, the Crab (The Chariot card) making it more territorial and tribal-minded than first decan Pisces.

Pisces is associated with our dreams while Cancer is more closely related to sleep. This decan combines the two to bring us precognitive dreams.

The Full Moon of Virgo occurs on the last day of the Sun’s transit through this decan. The Virgo Moon finds support in this decan of Pisces because it has a good relationship with Cancer.

Scorpio is the sign lending her qualities to the 3rd decan of Pisces. While all Pisces decans can be considered the mystics of the zodiac, the Pisces/Scorpio decan is especially attuned to the otherworldly and the unseen–true mystics, indeed.

The Sun’s passage through this decan is a lovely time to think back over the last zodiacal year (Aries-Pisces) just as you would do when New Year’s Eve approaches. Ask yourself which signs were enjoyable and easy to maneuver and which brought you tougher lessons. They’ll all come around again. Making an effort to get to know them well will help you over and over again. The Scorpio decan of Pisces inspires us to rise from the past year’s ashes and reincarnate into the coming year.

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