New Moon in Scorpio ~ Tools for the Day

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! The Moon is New at 1:39pm (ET) today and the New Phase lasts through November 3rd. If you haven’t made your New Moon wishes, intentions, or figured out what New Moon Dream to manifest this month, here are a few tools for the day that might inspire you.

Moon in Scorpio

The next few days are made for changing things for the better. It’s an out with the old and in with the new vibe. Acknowledge all your feelings in the next few days, even if you feel that you want to stick them in a dark place and pretend they don’t exist. Those intense feelings … Continue reading Moon in Scorpio

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on November 3rd is at 11º16‘ Scorpio. The Sun and Moon will have lots of company with Mercury Rx, Saturn, and the N. Node within 6 degrees of each other. That’s a tight little stellium of eclipse energy. But wait…there’s more!

The Body Scorpio

Scorpio rules the pelvis, the large intestine, genitals, prostate, and organs of elimination ~ the bladder, urinary tract and the rectum. It also rules the nasal bones and the process of eliminating nasal congestion. Having the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Scorpio may indicate problems with these parts of the body. Mars in Scorpio can indicate a … Continue reading The Body Scorpio