Moon in Pisces 11/12-14/21

The Moon in Pisces through Sunday morning, the 14th, makes lots of happy connections. Today, the 12th, is that window of opportunity I wrote about in my earlier post. Saturday morning brings happy thoughts from Mercury and joyful inspiration from Uranus. Saturday evening is blessed with Neptune’s bliss and the Sun’s comfortable self-confidence. Before passing … More Moon in Pisces 11/12-14/21

Window of Opportunity: 11-12-21

First Quarter Moon, Nov 11-15. The Moon passes through Aquarius, Pisces, and into Aries. The Scorpio Sun (intense doing) trines Neptune in Pisces (dreams, illusion) on the 12th under a Pisces Moon. The Moon sextiles Venus (attraction) and trines Mars (action). Did someone say make your dreams come true? The 12th is ripe with opportunity … More Window of Opportunity: 11-12-21