Mercury in Leo

It’s time to schmooze with all your adoring friends and fans. Mercury is in Leo! It’s a party of words—lighthearted banter, cheerful chatter, witty phrases, and plenty of laughter—so set the scene to be artfully engaged. Cocktail parties, tea parties, brunches, forums, and friendly tete-a-tetes are the perfect venues. Mercury in Leo loves to make … More Mercury in Leo

Mercury Dance through Aquarius

Mercury enters Aquarius, January 12, where he will stay until the end of the month. I can’t help but think of Nicola Tesla with Mercury in this position. Wireless light bulbs in the 1890’s? Ahead of his time, don’t you think? There’s some interesting information about Tesla’s chart at the bottom of this post. But … More Mercury Dance through Aquarius

Mercury Rx and the Paper Shredder

Both Mercury and Mars are currently retrograde. Mercury in Aries and Mars in Virgo. Can these two planets in mutual reception, working together in retrograde, help us? Mercury Rx has a bad reputation. Behind that bad reputation can sometimes be a lack on our part ~ not getting ourselves up for a task. Like that … More Mercury Rx and the Paper Shredder

Mercury in Pisces ~ Absorbing It All

Mercury is a slippery fellow ~ moving backward and forward through the zodiac ~ so we need to keep our eye on him. In Pisces, he’s  probably a bit…distracted. There’s so much to absorb. Naturally associated with the thinking signs of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is awash with sensitivity and heightened perception while in the water … More Mercury in Pisces ~ Absorbing It All

2012 ~ Mercury Takes the Helm

  More Gemini Eclipses, Universal Year 5, Retrogrades Throw away your pens and get out your pencils and erasers if you’re filling in your datebooks. As Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, “Things change so quickly here.” 2012 is poised to be a Mercurial year. Universal Year Energy 2012 has a universal year energy of … More 2012 ~ Mercury Takes the Helm