Leo 2020: Moon Sign Changes

The Sun enters Leo at 4:37 am ET on July 22nd with the Moon in Leo, changing to Virgo at 7:41 pm. The times for the Moon’s entry into each sign are listed below. The button below a sign will take you to a description of how the Moon works in that sign. Subtract 1 … More Leo 2020: Moon Sign Changes

Leo 2020: Tarot Timings

Tarot Timings are based on the Sun’s transit through the three decans of each sign of the zodiac. Decans are ten degree divisions of the zodiac signs. The first decan is always associated with the sign. The second decan is associated with the sign plus the next sign of the same element. The third decan … More Leo 2020: Tarot Timings

Leo 2020: Moon Phases

Leo begins on on July 22nd at 4:37 am ET with the Moon in Leo changing to Virgo at 7:41 pm. nder a Balsamic Gemini Moon. The New Phase of the Black Moon in Cancer is dwindling down and becomes the Crescent Moon in the early morning hours. (To adjust for your time zone, subtract … More Leo 2020: Moon Phases

Moon in Leo

Leo Key Phrase: Don’t Worry, Be Happy Leo is also a sign of the heart, but in a different way than our sensitive Cancer days. Leo loves what Leo loves, and Leo wants to celebrate it. Excellent days for parties and get-togethers. People can be quite generous with the Moon in Leo, so if your … More Moon in Leo