Cancer 2020: Dinner and a Movie

Nothing can make a die-hard Moonchild happier than enjoying a great meal and a favorite movie at home. As a Moonchild myself, these are some of my favorites for the season of the Moon.

Beginning with a quick and easy menu that includes foods that remind me of childhood or that fall into the good ol’ comfort food category. These are classics.


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Whether you’re home with an upset tummy or just need something comforting and yummy.

All American Hamburger
Done the way you like it. Served with fries or chips. Add a coke float or a homemade shake and really slip into times past.

House Salad
You’re the only one who can make this salad the way you wish every salad was served. Choose your dressing. Green Goddess or Blue Cheese are celestial dressings made for Cancer.

Breakfast for Supper
This one seals the deal. Extremely comforting, easy, and gets you good and sleepy before bedtime.


This collection of movies deals with themes of family,
a home/house, memory, and motherhood.




Kids, Family

Motherhood, House


Trying to get home

Trying to get home

House, Children




Childhood, Mother


For Binge Watching

Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Home

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