Astro*Talk Natal Report

PDF Format delivered via E-Mail
Only $15.00

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When I was first learning astrology and couldn’t afford a consultation with an astrologer, I ordered this report. It’s still one of the most thorough reports available on the market today. The interpretation of your chart is written in easy to understand language and covers everything you can imagine. I’m still amazed at how accurate this report is. The report is 30+ pages long and includes a copy of your natal chart.

See a sample report for Johnny Depp.

Here’s some of what’s included in the report:

  • Natal chart
  • Analysis of each planet by sign and house
  • Aspects
  • Elements and modes
  • Planets in high focus
  • Challenges and abilities
  • Current major transits

Ordering Your Report

When I receive your notice from PayPal, I will contact you for your birth information. If you order and don’t receive my email in a timely manner, be sure to check your junk mail folder. My email to you will go to the address you have on file with PayPal. Once I have your birth info, I’ll run your report and send you a pdf copy within 24 hours.

This is the information I will need to prepare your report.

  • Name you would like on the report
  • Birth Date (Month/Day/Year)
  • Birth Time (am/pm)
  • Birth Place (Town/State/Country)

Astro*Talk Author ~ Michael Erlewine

Michael Erlewine was a pioneer in astrology software, as well as a prolific writer today. He has authored many books, plenty of which are available as free downloads. He founded Matrix Software, the first computerized software for astrologers, in 1978, and it is still going strong.


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