Venus in Capricorn

Venus: The Empress Less is more for a few weeks, and you’ll find people paying for it that way, as well. Small servings are sufficient, simple but pure flavors are the best – in people as well as food. If you’re not wearing basic black, you’re probably overdressed, at least as far as others are … More Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Cancer, June 2021

Venus will be in Cancer June 2-27, 2021. She’s very happy in Cancer, sharing all that love and nurturing with family and/or her extended tribe. She’s a little bit earthy, a little bit divine in this sensitive, protective sign. She starts her stay paired up with Mars, her lover. Her presence next to him should … More Venus in Cancer, June 2021

Venus sextile Neptune ~ Glamour

From June 20 – 30, 2017 Venus in Taurus will be in an enchanting sextile to Neptune in Pisces. It reminds me of all the glamorous movie stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Venus in Taurus is very much the sex goddess and Neptune rules glamour and film. It’s a match made in heaven.