Taurus Lunation, The New Phase ~ A Moon Reincarnated

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The New Moon in Taurus begins her journey with a pleasant sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Taurus and Pisces are an interesting combination. Taurus is concerned with matters of this world while Pisces may be more comfortable in another. The blending of these two energies can produce true concern and responsibility for the welfare of the Earth and an ability to commune with the divine through nature.

New Phase 2017
April 26, 8:17am –
April 29th, 12:57pm EDT

6°Taurus – 24°Gemini

New Moon in Taurus 2017: Tools for the Lunation

As I write this, it’s the morning after a very steady night-long rain. The sky is still gray, cloud-covered. The yards in my woodsy neighborhood are dense with a magnificent variety of green foliage, the branches of the trees bending closer and closer to the ground under the weight of the rainwater. This rainy day mix of earth and water is a wonderful metaphor for the Moon in Taurus, the most earthbound of the signs.

Manifest Your New Moon Dreams: Workbook for the Taurus Lunation 2017

Taurus is the part of us that does our best to create serenity, comfort, and consistency. Being a fixed earth sign, Taurus is concerned with the idea of in perpetuity, foreverness, immortality of the physical. As Venus’ expression of comfort, value, and sensory preferences, Taurus represents our comfort levels and the type of objects we … Continue reading Manifest Your New Moon Dreams: Workbook for the Taurus Lunation 2017