Mercury enters Sagittarius

We’ve all been someplace that was super serious or somber and someone said something really funny and it changed the mood of the room. You’ve been there, right? Well, Mercury just entered Sagittarius from serious Capricorn and the universe said something funny.

A Content Balsamic Moon in Sagittarius

balsamic-sagittariusThe Sagittarius Moon is quite content today with trines to Uranus, Jupiter (her ruler), Saturn, and Venus. A trine to Uranus brings insights. The conjunction with Saturn is grounding and practical. The last aspect before the void period begins is with Venus, increasing the potential for camaraderie and shared ideas.

Sagittarius Lunation: Gibbous Phase

Driving home yesterday afternoon I looked up into a beautiful blue sky and saw a gorgeous half Moon. She rose at 1:42pm (ET). Today she’ll rise a little later, 2:18pm, only a few minutes before she enters her Gibbous phase. Each day she’ll wax a little fuller, reaching her full potential on the 13th.

Major Transits during Sagittarius 2016

The Sun journeys through Sagittarius until the Winter Solstice which is December 21st this year. Sagittarius is the straight-shooting adventurer of the zodiac whose search for Truth is the ultimate life quest. Here’s a quick look at the major transits occurring in the coming month.