Pluto on the Moon

Remember that Cardinal T-Square that we just got rid of? Well, we got rid of part of it, anyway. Pluto and Uranus are still in a tug-of-war, but (thankfully!) Saturn has moved on. I’m hurting for all of you who have that dang transiting Capricorn Pluto sitting on your Cap Moon right now. I can … Continue reading Pluto on the Moon

The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto

The much anticipated cardinal T-square of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus is an event which has many of us puzzled and worried. With these cardinal energies, we can expect times of fast-forward movement, more shocks and changes, and a lot more hard work.  What these energies also promise is the opportunity for personal and collective transformation, … Continue reading The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto

Events during Taurus 2019

Taurus is the astrological month of lush growth and sensuous vitality. Strength and determination are the watchwords for this practical and sturdy earth sign. A dear friend once told me that she loved Taurus people because they brought stability to her when she needed it most. There’s lots to celebrate during Taurus including Easter, Earth … Continue reading Events during Taurus 2019