Mercury into Leo

Mercury in Leo ushers in a time of happy talk, fun times, and a generally lighthearted atmosphere. It’s a very creative time, with plenty of new ideas flooding in from all kinds of places. Don’t get stuck on just one topic ~ talk about anything and everything…and make it fun.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

We’ve all been someplace that was super serious or somber and someone said something really funny and it changed the mood of the room. You’ve been there, right? Well, Mercury just entered Sagittarius from serious Capricorn and the universe said something funny.

Mercury in Leo

It’s time to schmooze with all your adoring friends and fans. Mercury is in Leo! It’s a party of words—lighthearted banter, cheerful chatter, witty phrases, and plenty of laughter—so set the scene to be artfully engaged. Cocktail parties, tea parties, brunches, forums, and friendly tete-a-tetes are the perfect venues. Mercury in Leo loves to make … Continue reading Mercury in Leo

Moon in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde: A Good Time to Download Computer Programs?

I’ve been a little MIA (missing in action) recently. I guess MIG (missing in garden) would be a more accurate description. I’ve reconnected with the dirt and it feels fabulous. It’s a great improvement outside, too. But the Moon is in Aquarius today and Mercury is Retrograde, so what better time to redownload some computer … Continue reading Moon in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde: A Good Time to Download Computer Programs?

Virgo Fun 2017

♍️ The Sun passing through Virgo doesn’t mean you have to morph into a slave or a spend an entire month clearing out your sock drawer. We have to get past Virgo being all about work, work, work. You might even have some Virgo fun. ♍️

Moon into Gemini

June 21, 6:45pm – June 23rd, 6:08pm EDT The Moon in Gemini is a mentally active period, bringing new inspiration to the mentally creative. Words and messages come in all forms and will work in tandem with your own Moon and Mercury signs. How do you filter those messages? How do you respond to those … Continue reading Moon into Gemini

Sun in Cancer 2017

Happy Summer Solstice! The Sun has moved into Cancer and summer has begun. The Summer Solstice  ushers in all the summer signs: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. The days will grow shorter now as we head toward autumn. Just the other night, I said to my husband, “Is it EVER going to get dark?!”