Moon in Sagittarius, September 7-10, 2016; Jupiter in 29th Degree Virgo

Late day on the 7th, the Moon moves into Sagittarius where we typically find friendly attitudes and jolly moods. There’s a need for freedom, too, so a little bit of extra metaphysical rope goes a long way on these Jupiter-ruled days. Do keep your rope relaxed the next few days because there’s a standoff between … Continue reading Moon in Sagittarius, September 7-10, 2016; Jupiter in 29th Degree Virgo

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018

I’m posting a little ahead of the upcoming New Moon on July 12th. It’s also a solar eclipse and I’d like to talk about that a little before the hype gets too intense. The New Moon occurs at 10:48pm EDT on July 12th at 20Cancer41. The solar eclipse follows 2 minutes later at 11:00pm, 20Cancer42.

#5 Day, Moon in Cancer

Moon Sign: Cancer Numerology: 5 Day Phase: Gibbous Moon in Cancer is a natural born homebody, but there’s also an urge to get out and about today (♋ 5). If there’s such a thing as an extroverted hermit, today’s vibe would fit them well. There’s a bit of wanderlust in the astro mix today with trines … Continue reading #5 Day, Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Libra ~ Trust

There was a beautiful quote by Billy, age 4, (who may or may not have been real) that made its way around the internet about 10 or more years ago: “When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.”

Live! Laugh! Love! Days

It’s not always possible to focus only on the positive, but when we can ~ I say, Let’s do it! There are three different planets that can influence the Moon in happy, loving ways when the aspects are easy trines and sextiles. Live! When the Sun and Moon are in harmonious aspect, our feelings support … Continue reading Live! Laugh! Love! Days