Moon in Gemini

The Moon has entered receptive Gemini for a two-day stay. Receptive? Yes. Moon in Gemini is a very intuitive sign. Get out those pencils and paper and get ready to take notes the next couple of days. Gemini is on the story!

Moon into Gemini

June 21, 6:45pm – June 23rd, 6:08pm EDT The Moon in Gemini is a mentally active period, bringing new inspiration to the mentally creative. Words and messages come in all forms and will work in tandem with your own Moon and Mercury signs. How do you filter those messages? How do you respond to those … Continue reading Moon into Gemini

Gemini Guide to Self-Care

Happy New Moon in Gemini! New Moons are days of rest, inasmuch as we are able to rest at all in today’s hectic world. Just as there is more than one twin, there is more than one way to rest. Here are several ways you can kick back for a little pampering today.

New Moon in Gemini 2017

Imagine a field abundant with flowers of every shape, every size, every color, every scent. A gentle breeze sets the flowers asway. Arising from this ocean of flowers is a butterfly moving from flower to flower, alighting, rising, alighting, and rising again ~ delighting in a world of variety. That’s the Gemini experience. And guess what? You’re the butterfly.

New Moon in Gemini 2017
May 25, 3:45pm EDT
4° Gemini