Ruler of Taurus ~ Venus or Earth?

What’s your take on this? The subject came up again in Diane L’s recent post Observations: Lovely Taurus Season is here! over at Libra Seeking Balance. She has a direct link in the comments section to Philip Sedgewick’s very interesting interpretations of Earth in your chart. Diane and I agree that Earth is the ruler. [Note: the … More Ruler of Taurus ~ Venus or Earth?

Google Earth for Sagittarians

I recently had a conversation with a Sagittarian that went something like this: Sagittarian: Hey, do you know about Google Earth? Me: Yeah. Sagittarian: It’s so cool. I just pick a place on the map and go there. I’ve been to some fantastic places ~ a sweet little farmhouse in Iowa that had these really tall … More Google Earth for Sagittarians

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Dec 3/4, 2021

New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle and represent the opportunity to make a fresh start in our daily lives. Working with the themes of a New Moon’s zodiac sign is not a prerequisite, but it can give our effort a boost in the right direction. This boost propels us toward manifestation/illumination at … More New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Dec 3/4, 2021

Venus in Capricorn

Venus: The Empress Less is more for a few weeks, and you’ll find people paying for it that way, as well. Small servings are sufficient, simple but pure flavors are the best – in people as well as food. If you’re not wearing basic black, you’re probably overdressed, at least as far as others are … More Venus in Capricorn