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Ruler of Taurus ~ Venus or Earth?

What’s your take on this? The subject came up again in Diane L’s recent post Observations: Lovely Taurus Season is here! over at Libra Seeking Balance. She has a direct link in the comments section to Philip Sedgewick’s very interesting interpretations of Earth in your chart. Diane and I agree that Earth is the ruler. [Note: the… Continue reading Ruler of Taurus ~ Venus or Earth?

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Google Earth for Sagittarians

I recently had a conversation with a Sagittarian that went something like this: Sagittarian: Hey, do you know about Google Earth? Me: Yeah. Sagittarian: It’s so cool. I just pick a place on the map and go there. I’ve been to some fantastic places ~ a sweet little farmhouse in Iowa that had these really tall… Continue reading Google Earth for Sagittarians

Moon in the Signs

#2 Day, Moon in Taurus and Gemini

If moods seem heavy in the early part of the day, they may lighten up in the afternoon or evening. On this #2 day, the Moon in Taurus moves into Gemini midday. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus is comfort-loving and pleasure-seeking. Mercurial Gemini seeks contact and mental stimulation. The 2 is Moon-ruled with a need… Continue reading #2 Day, Moon in Taurus and Gemini