Cancer New Moon “Pocket Letters”

I’ve put together a New Moon pack that I think some of you might really enjoy working with, especially if you like New Moon rituals or following the phases. If you’re not into that kind of thing, skip this post. But if you do, definitely read on…

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018

I’m posting a little ahead of the upcoming New Moon on July 12th. It’s also a solar eclipse and I’d like to talk about that a little before the hype gets too intense. The New Moon occurs at 10:48pm EDT on July 12th at 20Cancer41. The solar eclipse follows 2 minutes later at 11:00pm, 20Cancer42.

#5 Day, Moon in Cancer

Moon Sign: Cancer Numerology: 5 Day Phase: Gibbous Moon in Cancer is a natural born homebody, but there’s also an urge to get out and about today (♋ 5). If there’s such a thing as an extroverted hermit, today’s vibe would fit them well. There’s a bit of wanderlust in the astro mix today with trines … Continue reading #5 Day, Moon in Cancer

Sun in Cancer 2017

Happy Summer Solstice! The Sun has moved into Cancer and summer has begun. The Summer Solstice  ushers in all the summer signs: Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. The days will grow shorter now as we head toward autumn. Just the other night, I said to my husband, “Is it EVER going to get dark?!”

Mars into Cancer

Home, family, and all things domestic run on full throttle for the next six weeks. Take your time in the kitchen to avoid cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Home improvement projects can get a boost of energy. The house(s) in your chart with Cancer on the cusp are the ones where you’ll find increased activity. Watch … Continue reading Mars into Cancer

Cancer, the Crab

The Sun is in Cancer through July 22nd this year. Here’s a complete list of articles on this site about Cancer, including the cards of Cancer in the tarot. I’m posting almost exclusively on Face Book now, so please follow me. Click through on the sidebar for the latest posts.

Full Moon in Cancer ~ Crab without a Shell

The Full Moon in Cancer reminds me of those little hermit crabs when they are at their most vulnerable ~ naked, defenseless, wandering, searching for home. There’s something too appropriate about the name of January’s Full Wolf Moon. It conjures images of nights when the walls come tumbling down, our most guarded feelings exposed in the fray of intimate … Continue reading Full Moon in Cancer ~ Crab without a Shell