Sun in Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18, 2023

“Everything old is new again.” That’s the perfect phrase for the Sun’s exit from Capricorn and entry into Aquarius. Both signs share the traditional ruler, Saturn–that stodgy old fuddy-duddy buzz-kill of a planet. But as much as they have in common through their shared rulership, they are quite different. Can we attribute that to Aquarius … More Sun in Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18, 2023

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter: The Wheel of Fortune The upward path this coming year will be much about giving everybody a piece of the pie and sharing all resources to pull ahead together. It’s not a great climate for going solo, since everybody’s looking to share both wealth and burden, but it’s a good time to discover untapped … More Jupiter in Aquarius