Lunar Forecast, Sept 10-13, 2021

Crescent Moon, Sept 10-13. The Crescent Moon enters Scorpio at 2:05am ET on the 10th, running smack dab into a square with Saturn in Aquarius. This makes for a rather serious Moon, but one with great intent and purpose. By the afternoon, Venus joins the Moon in Scorpio, creating a strong bond and a heightened lust for the object of desire.

Here’s a heads up for Saturday afternoon, the 11th. The Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. We’ve got 3 of the most gifted psychic players involved–the Moon, Neptune, and Pluto. Pluto will join the group early evening through a sextile to the Moon. This is one of my favorite times to cash in on such a gathering of intuitive forces. Decide how you want to tap into this energy–a tarot or psychic reading, lucid dreaming, pendulum work, spell work, whatever you prefer–and take advantage of the timing. It won’t come around again until next year, so work it while you can.

The Crescent Moon moves into Sagittarius on Sunday, the 12th, lowering the lunar intensity level.

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