Free Download: New Moon in Aries Workbook

At the New Moon in Aries, we are called to act upon whatever is passionately tugging at our heart and soul. At the Full Moon in Libra two weeks later, we evaluate how our desires and actions affect our important relationships. By the end of the Aries Lunation, we will have learned much about making a dream come true by working with each of the zodiac signs as the Moon passes through them. I’ll show you how to make progress on a daily basis by working with Daily Intentions.

If you make New Moon wishes or set intentions for every lunation only to see them drift away or be forgotten, working with Daily Intentions can help you stick to your plan, accomplish your goals, and realize your dream.

In celebration of the first New Moon of the new zodiacal year, I’m offering a free download of the Manifest your New Moon Dreams Workbook for the Aries Lunation.

This New Moon work book takes you way beyond forming a New Moon wish or intention. Every day of the lunation becomes a support system for your New Moon dream. Using the Moon’s sign and phase each day will keep you connected, encouraging you to take a tiny step toward reaching your New Moon dream.

If you find that you fall off the New Moon wagon, use the daily prompts to get back on track. Start any time. The dream is always there.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD! (See note below about how to save your download.)

The New Moon in Aries is March 27th. The Download is available until March 31st. There is a limit each day on the number of free downloads, so try again tomorrow if you aren’t allowed by E-Junkie to download it today. After you click on the Add to Cart button, click on the Checkout button and you’ll be directed to the free download.

Happy New Moon! Happy New Zodiacal Year!

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How to Save Your Download

Once your download begins, be sure to SAVE it to your desktop or in your downloads or document folders. If you choose to open the file instead, be sure to save it before closing it or it will disappear. Computers can be so moody.











6 thoughts on “Free Download: New Moon in Aries Workbook

  1. Jo T says:

    You are very generous to guide us through this lunation for no charge. Sending my gratitude to one of my favorite teachers. Jo


  2. Anna Maria Novosad says:

    Thank you for your free offering. I did downloaded for Inspiration.
    Happy New Moon in Aries for you. too. ❤

  3. kallank says:

    Thank you for providing this! I’ve shared it on my Facebook site. You are very creative, and this is one of the best ‘new moon workbooks’ I’ve seen.

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