New Moon in Capricorn ~ January 9, 2016 ~ Night Traveler

After a very dreamy night in sextile to Neptune, our Capricorn Lady will awake in elegance and majesty on this most notable day. No longer the weary night traveler, she is the daughter waiting to be reborn.

The Moon renews herself at 8:31pm EST tonight. Her chart, like ours, is not without challenges, but also—like all of us—she has been generously blessed with significant and valuable gifts.

She is born under the rich and powerful influence of Pluto in Capricorn, but also the long-lived, dispiriting Pluto-Uranus square. She feels it deeply and is torn. She is dependent on her earthly security and her soul yearns to command her material world, yet she questions the privilege of her birthright and destiny. She will struggle to blend Innovation and independence with tradition and heritage. What alchemy can calm this inner turmoil and bring self-acceptance of her own authority?

To her advantage, she is traveling under the blessing of Jupiter and the Sun. They will protect and wisely guide her as she journeys in search of her personal truth and her heart’s joy. Mars and Mercury endow her with depth of perception and a shrewd wit. Her ruler, Saturn, has joined with Venus to anoint her with enduring love and quality of life.

The dark holds such grand opportunities. Our Lady has traveled this road many times before, each revolution of light full of mystery and magic. Tonight this most celebrated of night travelers steps into yet another journey. This time, won’t you join her in this quest for understanding and harmony? What rewards might  this pilgrimage hold for you?

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