Saturn in Libra Meets Mercury Retrograde

Libra, Virgo, or Leo? Which fits best?

Partners and loved ones driving you crazy?

Who is that person who seems to be everywhere you are ~ like an old wad of gum stuck to your shoe?

There’s all this relationship stuff to sort out and reclaim.

Is Saturn in Libra endless or what?!

Is Saturn squaring or opposing your Sun or Moon? How about Venus, Mars, or any of the others?

And let’s not forget little ol’ Pluto and that savage, Uranus, who are still in this endless tug of Cardinal war. And we’re all wondering why we’re feeling “stuck?!?”

But hold on! Mars is rapidly moving to the front lines in Cancer and will join Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus to make this whole line-up a little more interesting…and passionately involved…in a true Cardinal Cross.

Well, if you feel the need to chew on your relationships even more, open your arms and welcome Mercury retrograde. The prodigal trickster returns!

Starting with “I can see everything that’s wrong with this relationship” Virgo and cruising back into “How could I ever have been interested in you” Leo, Mercury Rx could wind up testing our last nerve when it comes to affairs of the heart which includes anyone we love. And then it moves back into Virgo for more sorting out and clinical testing. If you read this blog often, you know I’m a fan of Virgo…but sometimes…sometimes…well, I’d like to stifle my Mercury which is now solidly progressed into Virgo.

Where are you feeling stuck and do you think you can sort it out while Mercury is in retrograde?

10 thoughts on “Saturn in Libra Meets Mercury Retrograde

  1. cj wright says:

    Mars moves into Cancer on August 4th. The line-up then is Mars – 0Cancer, Saturn – 12Libra, Pluto – 5Capricorn, Uranus – 4Aries. Mars moves quickly, so by the New Moon on August 13th, we should be feeling something (if not before).

  2. Penny says:

    Hi cj..I do try to be a good little Saturn-follower..but he is definitely causing me some problems..but as a good little Libran..oh heck – way to much ‘good’ in all this!!!

    So..with Mercury/Virgo in my Natal chart I feel I can go with this – read between the lines of how people are treating me – is it a reflection of the way I treat them or is it just “ooh I see let me run a stick along those posts and get her attention!!” So – people will get my attention – but maybe one or two will wish they hadn’t..(Taking a little Leo fire into this..LOL)

    As a confirmed list-maker, have to comment re: ‘Rules’ has to be a Virgo who would actually WRITE down the rules; Libra would recoil from all of them, instinctively..and Leo..”Dreaming of an Ex? What? You weren’t hanging around waiting for ME?”..thank you for a good laugh when I read these..but – way too much analysis methinks!!!

    • cj wright says:

      Good point about reading between the lines, Penny, instead of going immediately with our gut reactions or projections.

  3. tuta_tis says:

    Thank you for your post! It is so reassuring to learn that I’m not the only one having trouble with my loved ones, in my case that’s my parents! Yesterday’s Mars in Cancer (almost) squaring Moon in Libra and the latter opposing Uranus in Aries seems to have touched all their soft spots – Dad even _yelled_ at Mom! I’d never heard him do that before! (My mother is Cancer and father is Aquarius.) Somehow knowing the astrological reasons for this outburst of negative emotions enabled me to take the whole thing with a good deal of humour. Otherwise the shock might have been worse :D.
    As for the ‘Rules..’, I’d go for Libra. Leo wouldn’t take the trouble of writing them down and Virgo would be more obsessed with following them herself 😀

    • cj wright says:

      Mars inclusion here should only last a few weeks, but let’s hope he doesn’t open any old wounds that the 3 big planets will use as ammunition.

  4. Lindsey says:

    I feel stuck looking for work! This is not good, I have natal Virgo Sun in 6th, Virgo on the 6th house cusp, a 3-planet stellium in 6th (Merc-Saturn-Pluto), which is really getting it from Saturn now – I go through my Saturn return in October, and then a long trip with Saturn conjunct my Pluto. UGH. But yes, I’m someone who is very focused on ‘work’!

    I doubt it will get worked out in the long-term during Merc Rx, job searching isn’t really favored during this time. But I do have an interview to work 1 year as a transcriptionist, funny how Mars is transiting my 3rd right now, and Merc Rx is sitting on top of my Venus in Virgo in 5th. So, short-term things might work out.

    Heck, I just confused myself with my own comment. Jeez. Anyway, that list up there, totally Virgo. 😉 It’s got the right amount of sass, and a nice color combo.

    • cj wright says:

      Your comment made lots of sense to me and that sounds pretty good ~ especially with the current economy and jobs being hard to find. Is transiting Jupiter helping yet with the trine to your Sun?

  5. Mandy says:

    I recently stood way back to look at relations in my life. I wrote down everyone and everything I resent/am angry about. Penny is right to look at the reflection, but I saw that instead of me treating people the way they treated me, I had been for years treating MYSELF the way they treated me. What a lightbulb moment – no wonder I have felt unloved, unappreciated. My focus is to tend the relationship with myself, no ifs ands or buts, no matter who I have to ignore/cut. This Saturn opposite Black Moon Lilith has been exact on my natal BLM – take responsibility for what has been repressed. I’m kinda feeling reborn so I’m loving Saturn right now. Not really in a hurry for him to move into Scorpio and hit my stellium.

    • cj wright says:

      That was a huge discovery, Mandy, and a super idea on how to figure out why we allow ourselves to be treated badly. It starts with us. Using Saturn’s energy to bring structure to that discovery and improve all your relations is working the system to your advantage. Thanks for sharing this.

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