12 Things to Do when the Sun Transits Gemini

Each time the sun moves into a new sign, make a To Do list that fits the sign and house the sun is transiting. Here are some suggestions for your Gemini list, which you can refer to any time the Moon transits Gemini ~ especially at the New Moon in Gemini.

  1. Replace worn out phones and electronics
  2. Learn a new word each day
  3. Ask questions: Who, what, where, when, why, how?
  4. Greet your neighbors
  5. Re-read your favorite book
  6. Focus
  7. Think before you speak
  8. Monkey around
  9. Take notes
  10. Start your own blog
  11. Pick up some good vibrations
  12. Come up with two right ways to do something

And One More for the Curiously Distracted…Once in While, Finish What You Start

Do you have a strong Mercury, Gemini placements, or 3rd house? Chance ares (unless the Mercury placements are more Virgo in nature), you get distracted. A lot. There are so many interesting things to choose from, why get stuck with one? But what does that do for “going the distance”? Running the good race? Crossing the finish line? In the end, are you left unsatisfied? Hungering for more?

Gemini ~ the sign of one bee, many flowers ~ is known for its curiosity and wide-ranging interests. Thank goodness! Without that incredible curiosity, human beings would have never ventured out of the cave, developed language, or sought to go “where no man has gone before.”

Geminis are idea people, goaded by the what ifs of life. No wonder children begin their questioning with WHY? Ill-content with just accepting what they’re told, they want to understand, to know. They ~ we ~ begin by questioning everything. Each of us, at some point or another in our lives, eventually finds our own great big WHY to answer, and the rest of our life is a quest to figure it out. If we get too distracted, we’ll never find our answers ~ not that it’s a given that we’ll ever find them, at all.

Photo of Tom Peterson by Richard Masoner http://www.cyclelicio.us/

Look around you now. How many irons do you have in the fire? How many projects are you juggling? How many distractions have you gathered around yourself? Which ones do you have to finish? Which ones do you want to finish? And what’s preventing you from finishing ~ or beginning ~ even one thing that started as a good intention but faded into Well…I haven’t gotten around to that yet?

Give yourself this time of Gemini to finish something ~ that overhaul of the garage you’ve haven’t gotten around to, the novel you’ve been over-contemplating, the stack of books you picked up for a bargain, or finally getting your budget in order.

Give yourself a year to finish something bigger, such as paying off a large debt.

Pick at least one thing, and finish it.

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  1. I couldn’t help giggling at the article. For once, my conscious timing of events is ‘in sync’ with astrology. I’m taking a class in French and refreshing my language skills!

    How Gemini is that, eh?!

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