Full Moon in Cancer ~ Go Ask Your Mom / Go Ask Your Dad

Remember when you were young enough to have to ask your parents permission to do something? It was a Big Event ~ the only thing that mattered in the world at the moment ~ and you’d just die if you didn’t get to do it.

Maybe you asked the “easy” parent first. 

Or maybe you got stuck in that parental ping pong tournament where you asked one parent who, instead of giving you an answer, sent you on a mission to get the answer from the other one instead.

Or maybe you played one parent against the other. When mom said no, you asked dad.

That’s the kind of energy you have to mediate with the Full Moon in Cancer. You have to get the mother/father forces of the zodiac to agree.

All Full Moons are balancing acts. Two opposite signs are exerting their influence at the same time and here we are between the two, trying to walk the middle path. The Full Moon in Cancer brings attention to the parental axis of the zodiac ~ the inner, lunar world of Cancer and the outer, Saturnian world of Capricorn. We’re in the center, pulled in two directions. Maybe Saturn is strong in your chart, so you are pulled in that direction. Perhaps the lunar qualities of the Moon are your strong point.

How do we get them to work together?

That’s the delimma of the opposition.

A little of this, a little of that

A little of this, a little of that

Where is this teeter-tottering occuring in your chart by houses? This isn’t limited to Full Moon days. Polarity is in our charts all the time and we all have to work it out. With the Capricorn/Cancer polarity, we have to balance our father/mother instincts. When we parent ourself, we can’t always give in to the easy parent. 

The Full Moon in Cancer asks us to balance responsibilities (Saturn) and emotional satisfaction (Moon). Here are some very simple explanations of energies for each pair of houses:

  1st/7th ~ Me blending into balance with You
 2nd/8th ~ My security needs blending with Yours
 3rd/9th ~ My knowledge balanced with Your truths
4th/10th ~ My life at home balanced with my life in Your world
5th/11th ~ My being appreciated by you balanced with appreciating You
6th/12th ~ My everyday services to you balanced with sanctuary from You

What issues are you parenting during this Full Moon? Do you find Capricorn or Cancer to be the “easy” parent?