5 thoughts on “4 Elements Chart 2

    1. Hi, Mun. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

      You would have to draw signs and aspects on the chart. Draw the signs on the rim of the chart and place the planets in their correct position. The aspect grid at the bottom of the chart is where you would add aspects between planets. For example, if the Moon is square Mars you would locate the moon on the left hand side of the grid and then move across to the Mars column. In the space where they meet, you would draw the symbol for the square.

  1. I figured out everything for the most part, but I am a little confused about the two circles that are divided into 3 parts to the left and right bottom corners of the page. What is meant to go into each of those spaces?

    1. The bottom left circle is to note planets that are in their own sign (Mars in Aries, for example), the chart ruler (usually the ruler of the rising sign), and planets in mutual reception. That’s when two planets are in each other’s signs, such as Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Taurus or Moon in Leo and Sun in Cancer. They are always in pairs.

      The bottom right circle is to note how many planets are in each of the cardinal, mutable, and fixed signs.

      The number of planets in a particular element can be noted in the circles by that element.

      Hope this helps.

      1. That definitely helped. I was lost for so long! I tried every which way to see if I could figure it out and eventually read some articles on it. I just wanted to make sure I understood it right before writing anything in. Thanks so much!!!

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